Inexplicable Career Move of the Week: Ciara Naked on “Vibe” Magazine…

My love for Ciara is pretty well documented here. I think she is an extremely talented dancer who knows how to give a good performance. Even her 60 second dance cameo during Chris Brown’s BET Awards performance was great stuff.

So when you have obvious talent like Ciara does, why take it all off for a magazine when your main competitors like Rihanna or Beyonce are not doing the same (and are selling well)?

Click Below To See A Potentially NSFW Cover:

Now this isn’t “Penthouse” Magazine material, but it it’s still not a good look. She is obviously in good shape, but stuff like this doesn’t help you sell more.

Men generally don’t buy the full length albums of Female R&B singers. Women do. And if you alienate Women by getting buck nekkid on a magazine cover, your solo career will end up deader than Nicole Scherzinger’s aborted solo career.

And why are all the songs I am hearing off of “Fantasy Ride” (Ciara’s new album) sounding wack to me? Get back to making catchy R&B and Treadmill Friendly Up-Tempo songs and stop the shenanigans. 

I haven’t seen such a stupid Vibe cover since this one:

PS, when did Vibe turn into King Magazine?