My 2008 MTV “Video Music Awards” Wrap Up!

Remember when the VMA’s were a credible awards show filled with memorable performances and moments?

Remember when there were comedians who hosted the big night and they actually made you laugh?

Does anyone remember when Rock Music was actually featured during the show? I can remember when the VMA’s were an important night of TV viewing in my home, but when I tuned in last night I realized that I am either way too old for this shit anymore, or music does in fact suck.

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Inexplicable Career Move of the Week: Ciara Naked on “Vibe” Magazine…

My love for Ciara is pretty well documented here. I think she is an extremely talented dancer who knows how to give a good performance. Even her 60 second dance cameo during Chris Brown’s BET Awards performance was great stuff.

So when you have obvious talent like Ciara does, why take it all off for a magazine when your main competitors like Rihanna or Beyonce are not doing the same (and are selling well)?

Click Below To See A Potentially NSFW Cover:

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My “90210” Spin-Off Review!

As I kicked back and watched the new version of “90210” last night, I got this sense of Deja Vu.

While I can attribute the familiar feeling mostly to the cast being made up of people from other shows I watched, I couldn’t really figure out my feeling until midway through the 1st hour.

Then it dawned on me. “I have seen this before!”.

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