Tuesday Video: Colby O’Donis “Don’t Turn Back”

Am I biased when I write about Latino singers? No? Ok cool.

Well I was flicking through the channels and landed on MTV3 (Tres). And this video was playing. Couple of things though. Why haven’t I seen this video on regular MTV? Or on BET? Or heard this song on a Rhythmic Station like KTU?

Anyhow, the song is catchy. The beat is cool. And the dude can sing, dance and play guitar.

What else do you need to craft a credible career in Pop Music?

Only thing I can think of when it comes to criticism is probably giving advice to homeboy to Man Up a bit with his clothing style. His stylist was on some bitch assness with the shit he was wearing towards the beginning.

Either way, it’s a slick video.