“Should Be” Single: Usher “Here I Stand”

Usher’s album seemingly came and went.

“Love in this Club” was a radio hit. But as for it being on par with “Yeah”? That was not what was happening. I always liked Usher. His first album was OK. Then “My Way” came out and it catapulted him to success. Then he followed it up with my personal fave “8701”.

While “Confessions” was his biggest seller with 10 Million sold, I wasn’t really feeling that CD. But it was still a good R&B album in an age when old school singing is making way to Ringtone Rap.

And now in the inexplicable age of Lil’ Wayne being a huge seller, Usher was poised to make a return. But after a scandal involving an older baby mom, Usher now being a dad, and Chris Brown all over the place pop locking and dropping it, it seems Usher’s fans have moved on.

Which is a shame since his last album wasn’t bad at all. And it contains one of his most grown up songs to date. The album’s title track “Here I Stand”.


The song is hot. It should be a single released to Lite FM/Adult Contemporary/Adult R&B formats.


Bonus Usher Track: