MTV’s “The Real World” Hollywood: Is Joey Kovar Crazy?

If you watched the last weeks episode of “The Real World Hollywood” you would end your viewing thinking that Joey is nuts.

But is he really?

Personally the whole “Real World” has been a non-event for me since the Chicago season. After Las Vegas the show devolved from a personal character study of 7 strangers living in a loft, to “Let’s cast all stereotypes for drama”.

The show for years has had it’s resident “Meat Head” each season, and not giving the show a fair shake I automatically thought that this season’s contestant Joey Kovar was cast to fit that bill. Turns out, while he may look the part, his actions show that he is probably one of the realest contestants chosen to live in the house in a long time.

I know his alcohol fueled breakdown was a little ugly last week. But you can tell it wasn’t motivated by some selfish, shameless attention seeking desire to perform in front of the camera. The dude came to the house with some serious baggage, and unfortunately it came out in a bad way.

The other room mates had a right to be a little scared, but I had to wonder if they were sincere. I have had friends who acted crazy due to an alcohol induced rage, and I knew how to handle them (yup even with threats and put downs flying out of their mouth). And for Bree to cut him down for always working out was stupid. He never made fun of her being a former meth addicted stripper. So why would she cut down his hobby and profession?

I have to say that this season has been interesting thus far and I haven’t missed an episode. And it has a lot to do with the setting, and how old school in nature the casting was. These kids either have real problems with their emotions, problems with their ego, or problems with selfishness. I also like how instead of half hour episodes, each episode is now an hour.

Hearing Joey talk about his crazy upbringing and serious issues make me hope that he will eventually return to the Real World house and enjoy his experience after rehab. He seems like he deserved this type of experience outside of the craziness that he is used to. But for now hopefully his stint in rehab with Dr. Drew works for him.

Bottom line? I think the guy was misunderstood. And for the housemembers to act like their lives were in danger is stupidity. Nothing will go down at the Real World house that would harm them. So why front like if it was scary?

Hopefully MTV recruits Joey for one of the Challenge spin off shows. I would like to see someone actually tough enough to put CT in place.


  1. joey, i know you probably don’t have time to view or answer what i’m gonna write you,-so i’d be very very glad and happy if anyone of his staff could make him read this mail-!!!!!!! Well, i’m a 23 italian girl living in Rome…(very nice to meet u!!)…i followed your personal story and your behaviour from the other part of the world and i appriciated you a lot, ’cause you’ve been the bravest to admit and show your past problems, i really admire u for that…..and i wish you the very best in your life…even if i don’t know u personally!!…I’d be very honored to start an e-correspondence with you, but i know you’ve got somenthing else to do………so……….BEST REGARDS…….CIAOOO…..kisss.. 🙂 !!!

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