Why Raven? Why??


I have no shame in admitting that Raven Symone is a talented and funny girl.

My little cousins swore by “That’s So Raven” and idolized her. I initially just thought that she was just another talentless assembly line Disney tween star, until I watched her show with my cousins and found myself laughing at her funny physical comedy.

Even now if I happen to skip by a rerun of the show during my channel surfing, I often stop and watch.

I like Raven, and I am glad she is not a mess like Lohan.

That being said, the above outfit is not a good look at all. Was this a costume? I don’t get it. Anyhow, I’m sure Raven doesn’t care what I say on my blog. She was the Executive Producer on her last movie, and I’m sure she will never want for money for many many years.




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  2. i like the way u like raven but that is not how u suppose to like.

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