Academy Members: For Your Consideration… “Wisegal”


I don’t ever watch Lifetime.

That is mainly because I am not interested in “Golden Girls” reruns or “The Nanny” reruns. I also don’t enjoy those ridiculous “Moment of Truth” movies. You know the badly edited TV movies where the Men are portrayed as being ridiculously evil for no reason?

TV Movie’s of the Week have never been done right since NBC used to run them Monday night’s back in the day. Remember those awesome movies? Everyone in school would watch on Monday and talk about them. Usually they taught you a lesson, or they were ripped from the headlines stories. Some TV star usually played against type in the movies too.  

I remember one where “DJ Tanner” was being abused by “Kevin Arnold“. And do you remember when “Donna Martin” got stabbed by “Becca Thatcher“? How about when Yasmine Bleeth had a disfigured face in jail?

Anyhow, I now watch Lifetime only when I see “Will & Grace” is on.

I was watching the finale of “Will & Grace” today (as if it were my first time ever seeing it) I saw this commercial for a Lifetime Original Movie. A movie that if released in theaters could easily make more than $120 million domestically opening weekend. A movie that would garner more Oscar Nominations than “West Side Story”.

And that movie my friends is “Wisegal” starring Eva Savealot herself Alyssa Milano.

I hope that the Emmy voters are watching this powerhouse performance and are dying to hand out their awards come September. Tell everyone else to take their names out of consideration. This movie will SWEEP!

This could be the next “Godfather”.