“Making The Band 4” Season 2 Episode Recap: 3/10/08


What’s up guys! I noticed that while I watch “Making The Band 4”, I have not really done an episode recap for it on my blog.

The season was a little bit off for me, but in recent weeks it has been getting my full attention. Last night may have been the best episode of the season so far.

Let’s discuss shall we?  

I really like how the episode started out with Diddy letting his guard down and finally opening up to his artists. I know Diddy has a reputation for allegedly leaving his people to disappear in the recording studio abyss (Cheri Dennis, Babs, Ness). But it was nice to see him appreciate 3 acts that could potentially make him money and keep Bad Boy in the black.

It was also nice to see Diddy actually being civil to Aubrey. All season I got a vibe that he hated her. And while Aubrey is no goody goody, we all have to remember how her and Aundrea put in a lot of work to get in the band. She’s proven herself already as an artist, the band has proven themselves as sellers, so I was glad with Diddy’s yacht diversion away from work. It was cool to watch.

The guys of Day 26 are funny. It’s really no wonder why they get more airtime. Danity Kane already knows how they work, who they are, and how to get along. Day 26 however, are a bunch of funny dudes who are on the cusp of tasting success. So they haven’t been changed by having a record out and having fans react to it positively. The scene with them scared to get on the boat was funny. They can be fools (in a good way). I am curious to see if they will remain as interesting next season when they try to record another album.  

On a side note, can Diddy ensure a faster release for music videos next time. I understand the new thing is to release songs and videos close to the release date to avoid over-saturation. But their CD’s come out really soon. Where are the videos?

Another quick note, when is Donnie’s CD officially coming out? Initially while I respected Donnie’s talent, I wasn’t really checking for his music. But then when Seven came into the picture, my interest level rose dramatically. Seven is a great producer, and he made one of my favorite beats ever (Ashanti’s “Only U“). So it was no shock that once they got into the studio, the songs were hot. I’m not a Making The Band groupie, but I’m a dude and I’m going to cop all 3 CD’s. So imagine the legions of teen girls who watch the show?

Moving on, the episode wouldn’t be complete without drama. And Diddy was there to start the fire. Day 26 recorded another anonymous “Baby I Love You And I Will CUT MY WRISTS For Your BOOTY” type of a song. And they had a few issues. But who had the most issues? Robert and Brian of course. Diddy heard the song and immediately went to talk to the guys. After singling out Q and Willie as being the best in the group, he went on to tell Brian and Robert that they were fat. It was foul, but funny and also refreshing to see guys actually get told that they are fat instead of girls. Because no one really does it. Men are usually allowed to be fat. But when you are rolling with Diddy? Fat chance…

Another thing is that secretly, guys get bothered by this type of criticism even more than girls do. Me personally, if I were a talented singer being paid to live in a mansion and record songs, I would be working out constantly. I work out all the time now and I’m not even famous. So these guys have no excuse especially when the trainer comes in to train them every morning. If I had a trainer come visit me every day, my body would be on some LL Cool J type shit, kissing my biceps and ripping off my shirt. (Well scratch that because I do that now though when I am drunk and a hot song comes on and I am nowhere near LL status). 

So Robert and Brian push it to the limit during their work out and wind up fighting like 2 sisters over who is going to take a shower afterwards. This threw me off a bit because I’m sure a mansion that big probably has more than 1 shower. I live in a 3 bedroom apartment in the Bronx and have 2 full baths. But anyway, they fought, it was stupid and it was over quickly. Their den mother magically appeared (I forgot about him) and he tried to mediate the “fight” as if he was on a lost episode of “Forgive or Forget“.

Why is that dude there again? Him being in the house was pointless. Send him over to “The Bad Girls Club” to see if he can control Tanisha.

More montages of the bands in the studio followed. Danity Kane recorded their new single “Damaged” (which has grown on me a lot).

The song is upbeat, has potential to be a hit, and they seemed happy to record it.

Donnie recorded a song called “Spank Me” with Seven. I laughed along with Donnie because to make a song called “Spank Me” is funny. But he almost seemed embarrassed by it when he shouldn’t have. The weirdest songs wind up making it big. And with the right production, the content won’t matter. Look at “Fergalicious”. Stupid title. Stupid song. Catchy as hell. And they even got away with jacking the “Supersonic” beat and spelling “Tasty” wrong. Donnie shouldn’t worry about one song. He’s like a more accessible Justin Timberlake. He will sell a lot. Even though you wouldn’t catch me singing a song encouraging the ladies to spank me. Not my thing.

Danity Kane recorded a song that they hyped up so bad. They got everyone to come hear it. And everyone bopped their heads to it. But it didn’t deliver for me. Sometimes I like songs that are a little more simplistic. Just give me a driving beat and straight forward lyrics and I am good. Maybe it’s because my head lately has been in the clubs. But I need to hear beats that make me want to jam on the dance floor with the serious “Club Face” with my drink in my hand until the DJ messes the mood up by switching the song to something slow and out of place like “Flashing Lights”.

Their CD sounds like it will be good though. I just hope they have some more urban club joints on there.

Later on in the car on the way home. Again, Brian and Robert started fighting over nothing. But I can attest to the fact that guys (who are always around each other) do wind up fighting over nothing all the time. I do it now. The best part is when you start detailing out loud what caused the fight, and midway through your explanation you realize how stupid it was to begin with. They of course patched things up again during a therapeutic vocal class with their vocal coach (who is like the singing version of Tim Gunn) and all was well in the land of Day 26.

They recorded their single “Got Me Going” and it was Diddy approved. So it seems they all have their acts together for now.

Next week’s episode is about their performances of their new songs, and it seems like this season is coming to a close soon. It took a while to get good for me, and now that it has I hope we at least have a few more weeks left.

What do you all think? Who will sell the most? Will you go see a Making The Band Tour if it stopped near you? Will Donnie be saved from the recording studio abyss so that his CD sees the light of day?

Let me know.