Exclusive Spoiler For “A Shot At Love” Season 2!

Sup Guys! 

One of my cool readers was really nice enough to share some Exclusive Intel with me regarding “A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila” Season 2. It sounds like pretty reliable information that I figured I could share with you all.

Hey Guys!

I just went to Cancun, Mexico last week (20-27th of February 2008) and at “Aqua World” I saw Tila Tequila filming “A Shot At Love 2” with the Final 3 contestants.

2 of the final people were girls and one was a guy.

I just thought that all of you should know that Tila Tequila was a real bitch!

She would not take pictures with 2 little girls and she was very very bitchy. Ever since MTV gave her her stupid show she thinks she is something.

Also she smokes. She was smoking when I went up and asked for a picture. Her manager or whoever told me no pictures. Little does she know that when she went across the street to see a monkey, I got like 3 pictures of her. The pictures are not that great because I had to take them through a bus window and then crop them, so they are a little blurry but you can definitely tell that it is her.

PS: When you see her almost crying on TV that was my dad. My dad made her cry because she was being really rude so my dad went up to her and insulted her and then she cried.

tila.jpg tila2.jpg tila3.jpg


Tila is a funny person. She seemed sincere during season 1 about finding love. But in the end, her crossover success from being a Myspace Queen to becoming an MTV ratings success changed that. We all know had she been truly sincere about finding love, she would have chose Dani.

Was I the only one who thought that Bobby was a little too downbeat about winning? He didn’t act excited when she chose him in the finale. Tila was over the moon. But from the way he acted, I knew it wouldn’t last. For a second there I thought it was a plot twist, and that we were going to witness a spin off where he revealed he was bisexual too. But nope. He just looked bored with it all.

But I would have been bored too if I had to hear her say “Are you In-tris-teeeeeed?” over and over for an entire season in that odd way she says it.

So now we know the final 3 for season two go on a trip to Cancun, Mexico. We also know that it is 2 chicks and a dude that make it. I bet she will pick a girl this time just for the sake of ratings and to make way for “A Shot At Love 3”. You know it’s inevitable.

I would like to send out props and thanks to “Michaela” for the scoop and pics. I am sure your dad making her cry will get edited out of the show, but at least we got to hear your version of the story.




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  2. She definitely has a picture of her with that monkey on her myspace, so my bets are definitely with the above spoiler.

  3. Tila is not a bitch. You are a cunt. Dont cross me. We’re basically besties.

    Fuck off hoe.


  4. Meghan,
    Did you ever see Tila in real life or have you only seen how she acts on your 13 inch black and white tv? How do you know that she’s not a bitch? I’ve shown my proof now let’s see yours, that is if you can afford a camera to take pictures.

  5. omg that is soo crazy that u saw her..but i mean wether it is true or not we will see when the show comes out. but i still think that is cool that u let us no that information..in a way i kind of think its funny but i mean i love tila to dealth but i dont no y she is such a bitch….

  6. hi guys, i am from Brasil, and today i saw the first chapter of “A shot at love 1” 😦 .
    I think i will wait one year to see “a shot at love 2” who knows at MTV it arrives in 2009 !
    So guys, i will not be updated like you , but don’t worry about it.Issues about love will never end.
    Sometimes we focus on the anothers people to try live like a them. So lets be the beings as just we are.
    Cya guys .
    Lets live the Real life.

  7. what did the final 2 girls look like?
    i have an idea who it could be…i know 2 of the contestants and they were MIA for quite some time..but you know contracts..cant speak about it. hmmm..

  8. and another point…it does look fake…mtv reality is not reality at all, i was on next and they make you speak and act a certain way…its implied.
    tila’s alright, i just dont see what the fuss is all about. take away the fame and the makeup and shes just some short little girl. idk
    the girls defiinitely look better this season. there are about 3 that are HOTTTT!
    any way
    thats it

  9. hey, thanks for the cool update thingy. i love tila cause she is so hot, but none of my gfs know because i haven’t told them! SUCKERS!!!

  10. So, the last three are 2 girls and 1 guy… i wonder who the two girls are?! I really love Sirbrina and i hope she wins!!!

  11. Yeaa i just wanted to know who the three people were
    which two girls and a boy???

    Please let mee know

  12. Two girls and a guy, hmmm…. that sounds a lot like last season… i dont know why i’m eager to find out who she picks. i’m wondering when casting for season 3 will start, lol. just kidding. i wish her the best of luck.

  13. i hope kristy wins. sirbrina was hot and it suckc she was eliminated. bo is kinda a dick but i think hes the final guy

  14. Ok umm exuse me but U ARE A LIAR!
    you didnt take those pictures!
    you are a lieing loser!

    i am really sick of all of these online people who try to act like they met or are celebs


    geese my uncle ricky is friends with one of the producers on a shot of love with tila tequila 1 and 2 and my cousin sam is one of the make up designer, and i get to see her on saturday, so hmm i’ll ask her if that really happend, that she was being a *so called bitch*

  15. Ashley is right!
    you are a liar
    she has those pics on her myspace
    and some kid wouldnt be taking pics
    that are on her myspace

    get real -_-

  16. hey guys and ladies
    im bobby from season 1
    and i have to say
    that tila is sexy and is not a bitch
    and i can give you a spoiler
    i appear in the finale and its down to kirsti and bo
    and she eliminates bo
    then looks at kirsti and says “unfortunally for you to kirsti, my heart belongs to bobby” tila starts crying, then i come and stand next to kirsti
    then kirsti looks at me, then tila and calls her fake
    and then she walks away, then in her interview she
    says “tila, was this season just to get more fame!? huh was it? how many other hearts are you going to break!? you are fake! *she crys more and more*…….

    while i stand in front of tila she looks up at me and says
    “i made a mistake…”
    “we are what we were, i love you”

    and we kiss

    and it ends

  17. i just wanted to share my tila story .. me and my girlfriend went to California we stayed a few nights at the Hilton on sunset about a month ago .. we went out to get a few drinks and we seen tila at a small club called Element . my girlfrend likes her show so we decided to try to talk to her .. she was smoking like a chimney and was drunk as hell ..she kept trying to kiss my girlfriend and was just slurring all her words … my girlfrend wanted to leave so i took her back to the hotel and i came back to the bar .tila was all over me she wanted to come back to my hotel room so we did with her body guard (some big black dude) my girl fend was sleeping so me and tila we messed around all night (nothing to write home about ) no 3 some but it was ok she is just a easy girl .

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