“The Bad Girls Club” Season 2: “Taken for a Ride” Episode Recap!

Last weeks uneventful fight came to a conclusion last night. So did OSCAR THE GROUCH Jennavecia get sent home by the Hyena Sisters?


The girls decided to let Jennavecia stay and give her another chance. Which I for one think is stupid. They were scared that another potential “Bad Girl” could be cast to replace Jennavecia, and if she potentially bumped heads with Tanisha, Tanisha would go home. So they decided to give Jennavecia a second chance at staying in the house.

It the Hyena Sisters have so much collective “Power” they should have just sent Jennavecia’s ass home. Especially after this hilariously over the top and dramatic display of rage:

You got to love how Tanisha is so ridiculous. She makes for great TV. Can she get her own VH1 version of “I Love New York” please? The “Popping Off” and “Get The F**K Up!” songs cannot end here.


So the vote kept Jennavecia on board much to the relief of her follower Cordelia. While I initially thought Tanisha’s antics in “Pop Off” were retarded, I now think Cordelia deserves a swift kick to the head. Alienating Darlen (who is now my favorite housemate) because she is acting like an adult is childish. Especially when “Drunk Darlen” defended her dumb ass by the pool earlier in the season.

At work, all of the girls had to plan a house party, and of course Cordelia and Jennavecia were dragging their feet to get things done. The other girls did everything they could to get the party ready. Darlen meanwhile had her friend Ash come and DJ the party for free. The other girls have noticed a dramatic improvement with Darlen and as a result have been more welcoming to her. This of course did not sit with with Jennavecia and Cordelia so of course more childish antics from the 2 ensued. For starters, what was with the nasty remark from Jennavecia about Darlen’s friend Ash’s height?

She really has no room to be talking when a few episodes ago she was trying to pee in the mouth of some random white supremacist looking dude. Seriously, I think Darlen made a better choice in a dude here here as Ash seemed down to earth and well mannered.

Jennavecia and Cordelia were also supposed to take Darlen and Ash to “Geisha House” to eat since they had reservations. But since Jennavecia and Cordelia are now being little girls, they decided to not take her and not show up at all. The Hyena’s stepped in and took Darlen and Ash to the restaurant. This little stunt also left Darlen on the verge of reverting back to the angry Darlen that we know and love. But since she is an adult now, she let it rock.

The meat of the episode happened at the party they planned. During the planning Jennavecia was telling everyone that she punched Tanisha in the face. Tanisha was unaware of this news and the party went off as planned. It was a success and from the looks of it, everyone had a good time. They were all told to come back at 3PM the next day to clean up. And of course, Jennavecia unwilling to clean a toilet (and why should she when she pees in sinks?) decided to plan with Cordelia to not show up and let the Hyena’s  do all the cleaning.

Tanisha, Hanna, and Naveen (Someone who I still do not like and never will) went over and cleaned with no assistance. And that’s when someone told Tanisha about Jennavecia’s boasting about hitting her. Tanisha was upset, but she let me down this episode. She didn’t flip out or go crazy (damn you Anger Management!). Instead Hanna inexplicably did all the flipping out.


At first it was her being dramatic and crying on the phone. But then when Jennavecia showed up, Hanna decided to put on a show and start screaming about cutting hookers and fighting dirty with weapons.

Huh? OK.

Anyhow, Tanisha of all people calmed her down, and Jennavecia lived on to potentially pee into another sink. The ending of the episode was straight out of a 90’s Teen Movie (because an 80’s teen movie is too good for them) with Cordelia and Jennavecia toasting to their victory.

It’s funny how 2 people can completely polarize you within a short span of episodes. They are not fun to watch. One thinks she is bad ass, while the other thinks she is a player. And poor Scott aka “Grown Up Harry Potter”. Don’t fall for the trap. Don’t mess with reality show chicks. Especially when the cameras are rolling. You should know better since you are a reality show producer for VH1.

In the end I am starting to wonder whether “The Bad Girls Club” Season 2 peaked too early? I hope that this isn’t the end of the drama. Or else why would I watch?

Hopefully someone will “Pop Off” soon or I am going to lose interest.