Who Won Project Runway 4’s “Fan Favorite” Contest?


Who won the $10,000 Dollar Fan Favorite Prize last night?


In a no brainer, “Ferocia Coutura” won the $10,000 Fan Favorite prize.

It’s funny because we know that he has a shot of actually winning the season as well. So it seems Christian may end up being a big winner at the end. He’s a talented guy, but his final collection for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week had too much black and too many jackets with puffy sleeves. Don’t know how wearable his stuff is, but I got to admit it’s all well made.

I would have definitely thought Chris March was a lock for this prize based on his personality.

It was odd that the reunion show aired right before the finale, but hey this season has been a scheduling mess anyway. Hopefully they will take listen to my suggestions for improving Season 5 seriously.