“Old School” Joints of the Day: One Hit Wonder Edition


Hey what’s up? 

These songs remind me of my fun days at Randolph High. Man the more you move away from your high school experience, the more nostalgic you get for those 4 years.

These are some of the 1 hit wonders that came out with singles when I was in high school. I hope you enjoy them.


Ladae “Party 2 Nite” Remix featuring Chub Rock 

The guys were all talented vocally and this is one of those rare songs that not too many people know about. It was a staple for a short while on BET’s Video Soul. I wonder what happened to these guys? The lead singer looks like he could be related to Ne-Yo.

Mona Lisa “You Said”

Mona Lisa was a talented singer who was locked out of stardom due to the triple threat of Aaliyah, Brandy and Monica. With those 3 pretty much in control of the teen R&B chick crew, Mona Lisa was frozen out. She did have a couple of hits here on NYC radio. This is one of her lesser known songs. The video is pure cheese. But the song is tight. It’s smooth. Where is she now?

Warren G “Regulate”

I don’t care if he had many other singles following this song. None of them were even remotely successful as “Regulate”. And this is the best exampling of good sampling. They did a good job taking Michael McDonald’s “I Keep Forgetting” and making it into their own song.

Groove Theory “Tell Me”

Again they had other singles, but nothing came close to this. The 2 singers may have gone off and found success solo, but this song is what they will be remembered for. This song is essentially a neo soul song that got real popular before the whole Neo-Soul movement went into full swing.

I also always hear this song too because it’s my mother’s ring tone.