“Old School” Joints of the Day: One Hit Wonder Edition


Hey what’s up? 

These songs remind me of my fun days at Randolph High. Man the more you move away from your high school experience, the more nostalgic you get for those 4 years.

These are some of the 1 hit wonders that came out with singles when I was in high school. I hope you enjoy them.


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Will There Be A “I Love New York 3”?

Will there be an “I Love New York 3”???

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New Video from Jordan Sparks: “No Air” Featuring Chris Brown

While Jordan Sparks’ music is not my cup of tea, she is undoubtedly talented vocally. Her first single “Tattoo” was really weak in my opinion, so now she is releasing a new single.

The song is called “No Air” and it features teen singing sensation Chris Brown.

This song should do better than her last especially since Chris Bown’s fanbase is a loyal bunch. I have a question though? Why is it that “Idol” seemingly cannot afford to send their winners to real producers straight out the gate? If you have an R&B singer who won, you mean to tell me that you can’t afford hot R&B producers?

“Making the Band” doesn’t even have a fraction of the audience that “American Idol” has, yet Danity Kane’s 1st album featured a lot of heavyweight producers (including Timbaland).

Get it together Simon…


Useless Miracle Product of the Day: Kinoki Foot Pads


Gimme a break. A glorified gauze bandage that is placed on your foot and it cures insomnia, removes toxins from your body, AND cures cellulite? All for just 1 payment of $19.99?

Wow… Sign me up!

I am never surprised anymore at people’s willingness to buy the most useless crap from a TV commercial. If it’s a miracle cure why is it only 19.99? Why hasn’t it been profiled on the news shows? Why can you only buy it on TV?

And I love how they tested the product in an “Independent Study”. That is “LOL” worthy.


Who Won Project Runway 4’s “Fan Favorite” Contest?


Who won the $10,000 Dollar Fan Favorite Prize last night?

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Finally! “Street Fighter IV” in 2008!

After school I would go across the street to the video store and waste countless quarters on “Street Fighter II”. It was my obsession, and quickly became one of my favorite video games of all time. I followed the countless sequels and cross overs and have always waited for a true sequel to be finally be released.

Sure “Street Fighter EX” tried something different, but to me they were lame as hell. The game seemed like a bootleg attempt at recreating “Tekken”. 

My hopes were finally realized when my favorite “Street Fighter” game was released; “Street Fighter 3rd Strike: Fight The Future”. The graphics were great, the characters were cool and the super moves were pretty damn nifty. It’s a game I still break out my PS2 for to play every now and then. Since then I wondered why any of the crossover games didn’t share the same graphics as “3rd Strike” since they were by far the most superior the franchise has ever seen. I even wanted another version of “3rd Strike” with all of my favorite Old School characters. But that never happened.

To be honest, as much as I love “Street Fighter”, I was never expecting to see another sequel. 2D fighting games are pretty much a niche market. Why would Capcom invest in making a new iteration of a game that only nostalgic 20-Somethings would buy?

I guess my thought process was wrong since there is a new and improved 2.5D “Street Fighter” game on the way.

“Street Fighter IV” is set for release in later 2008 and I for one am excited.

I know this news may be old as hell to gamers. Yup I’m late. Where the hell have I been? 🙂

I wonder what system this is being released on? Because if I have to finally fork over cash for a PS3 I will.