American Idol Season 7 (2/19/07) Recap: Top 12 Guys

The “American Idol” season officially started for me last night. Because its no more nonsense and stupid auditions with delusional people. It’s down to the talent. And this season the show is definitely full of talent.

My favorite part? Not so many Justin Timberlake Falsettos or Nick Lachey loverboy crooning this year. Just straight singing from mostly talented guys. Here is my brief rundown of last night’s performance show:

The Best Last Night:

David Cook

He sang “So Happy Together”. But oddly, I enjoyed it very much. It was a rock version of the song and David did his thing. It started a little rough, but once he got going he made the song his. Great job. A Dark Horse is born.

David Archuleta

He sang “Shop Around”. To me I heard nerves in his voice, but he did well. He is just a like-able kid. Great personality and he is humble. He is a lock for the Top 12.

Jason Castro

He is a natural. Plain and simple. Had relatively no screen time prior to last night, so this was my first time really seeing him perform. He is a good guitar player too. Does anyone else think he looks like one of the dudes from “P.O.D.”?

Michael Johns:

I expected more from him. He sings great usually. So I was anticipating a better performance. But he did well and will undoubtedly make it far.

Middle of the Pack:
Robbie Carrico:
OK performance. But I don’t really dig the whole Axel Rose mimicking with his singing. I like how Simon was dangerously close to blowing up his boy band past.

David Hernandez:
Good singer. But can he be a star? Still he is humble. Nice. And sings well. He just needs to amp up his personality and likeability.

Jason Yeager:
I thought after the performance he was toast. It was too slow. But then others came up and did poorly, so this may save him this week. Vocally he is good. But he needs more interesting songs. “Moon River”? Seriously?

Danny Noriega:
Good singer. Sketchy personality. And not because he is flamboyant. Sure he may think he rivals Christian Siriano on the “Fierce-O-Meter”, but his brand of sass comes off as annoying rather than funny. He sings well usully, but Elvis he is not.

In Danger of Elimination:

Luke Menard:
WTF was that? Get ready to pack your bags buddy. The pop star looks that he has is lacking some serious pop star attitude. 

Stop being a sass mouth to Simon. Also, the suit WAS busted. Tuck in your shirt properly. Anyhow, just because it’s “60’s Week” doesn’t mean that you have to get in costume. You aren’t in an “Earth Wind and Fire” cover band singing for senior citizens at the Mohegan Sun Casino. 

Garrett Haley:
Looked dangerously thin and creepy. Simon’s critique was correct. I don’t see him ANYWHERE near the Top 12. 

Colton Berry:
Unmemorable. Period. Only thing I remember was how he said he looks like Ellen.

Well the first real performance show served to show us who really has it and who doesn’t. This season looks like it going to be interesting. We’ll see how the girls fare tonight when it’s their turn to perform.