Unsigned Talent: Vanessa Marquez


What ever happened to the sexy voice behind the hit songs “Rock Your Body” and “Let’s Get Blown”?

That was what I was wondering that as well while I listened to my dusty copy of “Neptunes Present: Attack of the Clones”. When Vanessa Marquez slick “post break up” kiss off song “Good Girl” played, I forgot how she was supposed to be coming out with a CD of her own on the Neptunes “Star Trak” label. Turns out she is now unfortunately unsigned.


So what happened? I don’t know. But I do now that her song “Good Girl” was one of the best produced Neptunes tracks.

Her Myspace is full of good songs. Her song “If You Keep On Asking” sounds like something from my High School days, and I mean that in the best possible way. “Want You To Know” could be a decent sized VH1 Soul hit. And her Spanglish version of “Lost Without You” is also pretty tight.

I don’t know what she plans on doing next, but she shouldn’t have too much of a hard time landing a deal. Urban Spanish Music is experiencing a boom lately, so I don’t see why a pretty girl with talent like Marquez can’t land another deal.

Whatever she decides, I only wish her luck…