“RAW EMOTION” on Full Display….


While I always say I will stop watching “American Idol” I always get caught up.

This season the talent seems to be on point, as there are many kids in the Top 24 who can potentially have hot careers post Idol. One kid I did notice because of his talent and good personality was a guy named David Archuleta. Turns out, myself and my friend Pab actually remember this kid from an old school “American Idol” message board. (Yup we used to visit the old MSN American Idol boards back in the day during Season 1) sad but true.

Anyhow, the kid is talented and has a real shot this season. I dug up an old YouTube clip of him singing to the AI Season 1 contestants.

While the clip shows the kid has tremendous talent. I can’t help but be a little disturbed by his choice of song. Also kinda unsure about the level of comfort he has with the song. Not to mention the amount of RAW EMOTION he provides when singing it.

Either way I am glad he left this dramatic mess behind and got more mature. I hope he is able to do well in the competition.

Good luck kid.


PS: Carly Smithson is the epitome of FAIL.