“Nip/Tuck” (Season 5/Episode 12) Recap!


Holy incest…

Was anyone else shocked by that huge bombshell that happened by the end of the episode? Sure “Nip/Tuck” has been known for it’s outrageous plot twists, but this one took the prize.

In a season full of laughs, shocks, surprises and scandals, did “Nip/Tuck” finally take it too far?

As a fan who’s seen every episode from Season 1 and on, I say NO.

Sure the incest bombshell involving Matt and Christian’s supposed illegitimate child was shocking. But nothing beats Ava Moore being a man. And I don’t think that nothing ever will. That was one of the best soap opera plot twists in recent memory.

This episode inexplicably ignored the Colleen suicide attempt at Sean’s house and pushed ahead with another story. Sean didn’t even mention what happened to anyone. Have the writers forgotten about Colleen and her crazy teddy bear obsession? I don’t think so.

This is “Nip/Tuck” after all, and this show is known for bringing back story-lines from the season during the season finale. And with next week’s finale approaching, we can expect to hear from Colleen’s crazy ass again. 

Speaking of Colleen, I recently re-watched about 4 episodes of this season I had on the DVR. The crazy signs were there from day one. It was a nice subtle touch on the writers part showing Colleen with a teddy bear purse one day and then with bear paw pin another. I knew she was off when she had the drunken display in Sean’s car, and then didn’t go into the house where she was dropped off. But I would have never guessed that she would be crazy enough to kill a CAA agent by turning him into a stuffed bear. 

Sharon Gless must be having a field day playing this crazy psycho. But then again, all of the guest stars this season have been pretty good particularly Rosie and Leslie Grossman. Can the writers bring Bliss (Leslie Grossman) back on the show full time? Her snide remark about Colleen shopping at “Chico’s” was pretty hilarious. But Leslie Grossman is just naturally funny.

Back to this weeks episode, the “B” plot about the “Entertainment Weekly” reporter who gave Sean his first bad acting review was OK. Sure what Sean said to him when he confronted him at the coffee shop was just awful, but the guy had it coming to him. After feeling guilty, Sean fixed his hideously scarred face and teeth so that he can have a better outlook on life. 

What the reviewer didn’t deserve post surgery was a pot of steaming hot coffee to the face. That was an unexpected turn of events when a disgruntled former actor returned to get revenge on the writer for giving him a bad review as well.

And I thought Sean’s words were harsh. 

I do like how Sean just stood there as it happened like “Oh Well”. But in the end he learned that you can’t prevent bad reviews from happening as he and Kate both got another bad review from another magazine.

Christian and Julia argued again, but what is new? The good thing? They finally came to terms with the fact that they suck as a couple. And I am relieved this love affair is over. I do wish to see Julia being nicer and less dramatic. But for now it’s more drama as Julia dealt with her sickness storyline.

Where is Annie and Connor by the way? Do they have a nanny?

Julia looked a wreck. Her hair was falling out. And she was just a general mess. Olivia came back out of nowhere to care for her. She decided to take a sample of Julia’s hair and send it in for testing. Was it me or did the awkwardly edited scene between Julia and Olivia seem off to any of you? It was as if Olivia knew why Julia was sick. I don’t know, but I think there is more here.

Once her hair sample results came back, the mystery as to what was in the fruit cake was revealed. For weeks I have been trying to figure out what was in the fruitcake and low and behold, Eden was putting mercury in all of Julia’s food.

Eden is slick and seemingly able to do anything. One minute she is starring in porn with Kimber, sleeping with Aidan on YouTube, sleeping with Ram and Kimber at their house, and all the while she had time to poison all of Julia’s food and tea with mercury. Busy girl.

When Julia decided to confront Eden (which was a stupid move by the way) Eden claimed she was going to confess to the police. But I have a question? Why would you pull a Scooby Gang move and confront the Monster without any of your Scooby Gang there with you? Confronting Eden alone was one of the dumbest things Julia has done on the show. And that is including her dating a man with no penis in season 3 and not knowing about it.

Here is where the tradition of throwaway plots coming back into play happened. Remember when Julia got a gun earlier this season? No? Well Eden sure didn’t forget. She went to get Julia’s gun, and speaking for nearly all “Nip/Tuck” viewers she told Julia that she was sick of her whining and shot her.

That’s how I feel about the character sometimes too. Stop whining.

In the end Sean’s acting career is lacking acclaim. Christian rediscovered a long lost daughter who slept with his illegitimate son. Colleen was off screen doing crazy teddy bear shit. Bliss was probably at Neiman Marcus shopping while Nurse Linda was out golfing. Liz is probably still in the break-room eating yogurt and reading bad “Hearts and Scalpels” reviews. And finally, the cliffhanger that Julia might be dead at the hands of Eden.  

I know this episode was met with harsh criticism online, but I for one am entertained with this season. I don’t really think too much about the show or take it too seriously anymore. I just enjoy the guilty pleasure aspects of it and sit back. Sure this season is no where near the level of quality we saw in seasons 1 and 2, but it did a lot to make up for seasons 3 and 4.

Ryan Murphy has done a great job of making the show interesting again. And it has also been very funny this season. As for the fate of Julia, we all know a bullet won’t kill her. Not on this show.

Remember that Kimber got all her surgeries reversed (without anesthesia) by The Carver in season 3 and she lived to become a meth addicted whore who recovered and now writes bad porn. So Julia will be fine.

Especially since she was shot off screen. Whenever something happens off screen on a soap opera, it leaves the door open for a dramatic recovery. Thems the rules people.

What do you think about this season over all?

Do you think the finale next Tuesday will redeem it for most of you? And do you think a doctor could have found the mercury poisoning sooner?

What do you also think about this season getting shortened with the remaining 8 episodes to serve as Season 6? Does this move spell the end for “Nip/Tuck”?




  1. I would like to preface my comments with the following: I’m very tired and need to be in bed, so excuse me if this sounds as if I haven’t finished my hooked on phonics tapes.

    I agree with your review thus far and I to simply sat back and watched in aw. After watching the first episode of season 5, I knew this would be the last season….However, it quickly turned around and had more stunts and unimaginable stuff going on that I couldn’t wait for the next episode.

    As for your question regarding the shortened season…it appears that several shows (Entourage to name one) are doing this to obtain more money from DVD sales. Also, I’m sure revenue stream from DVD sales is slowing down with shows being recorded and uploaded to websites for the world to view for free. Not to mention our insatiable need for instant gratification. I remember when I didn’t subscribe to cable and would purchase DVD sets…the next season would be starting before they would release the previous season on DVD. I prefer the shortened DVD sets.

    After watching tonights finale, I’m sure this is not the last season. However, since this is a plastic surgery show, I believe they will need to get new/younger faces to replace Sean & Christian. Hey, maybe they can have some major work done that totally changes their faces…this way their characters would still be on the show, but played by other actors.

  2. I sure love this show! You finally think you know what is going to happen next, then BANG!!! Something else hits you right square in the eye! As for it being the finale season, I think not! Still too many loose ends, unless Ryan makes a 3hr season finale. The show will eventually come to an end, but there will be something else to take its place.

    Is it just me, or did anyone else notice that in episode 10 or 11 that they had two actors from Queer as Folk? (the actor guy that was the humping toy of that old lady and Colleen. They both starred in Queer as folk a few years back….another great show that unfortunately had to come to an end)

  3. Everyone failed to metion sean being stabbed, that is the main reason to come back with the next season

  4. What abount House… could u post something ’cause i like this show..

    and nice comment about Nip Tuck.. anyway I never watch it.. 😛


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