Snoop Dogg on the cover of “XXL” Magazine


Can we all start a petition to get Snoop some food?

Joking aside, Snoop is one of my favorite rappers. He comes out with good party music and has a good sense of humor. Even his Reality TV Show isn’t half bad. But homey if you are reading this, eat a burger every now and then.

Right now he is ironically reminding me of Snoopy’s brother Spike.



The Best Video of 2008 so far:

“RAW EMOTION” on Full Display….


While I always say I will stop watching “American Idol” I always get caught up.

This season the talent seems to be on point, as there are many kids in the Top 24 who can potentially have hot careers post Idol. One kid I did notice because of his talent and good personality was a guy named David Archuleta. Turns out, myself and my friend Pab actually remember this kid from an old school “American Idol” message board. (Yup we used to visit the old MSN American Idol boards back in the day during Season 1) sad but true.

Anyhow, the kid is talented and has a real shot this season. I dug up an old YouTube clip of him singing to the AI Season 1 contestants.

While the clip shows the kid has tremendous talent. I can’t help but be a little disturbed by his choice of song. Also kinda unsure about the level of comfort he has with the song. Not to mention the amount of RAW EMOTION he provides when singing it.

Either way I am glad he left this dramatic mess behind and got more mature. I hope he is able to do well in the competition.

Good luck kid.


PS: Carly Smithson is the epitome of FAIL.

Unsigned Talent: Vanessa Marquez


What ever happened to the sexy voice behind the hit songs “Rock Your Body” and “Let’s Get Blown”?

That was what I was wondering that as well while I listened to my dusty copy of “Neptunes Present: Attack of the Clones”. When Vanessa Marquez slick “post break up” kiss off song “Good Girl” played, I forgot how she was supposed to be coming out with a CD of her own on the Neptunes “Star Trak” label. Turns out she is now unfortunately unsigned.


So what happened? I don’t know. But I do now that her song “Good Girl” was one of the best produced Neptunes tracks.

Her Myspace is full of good songs. Her song “If You Keep On Asking” sounds like something from my High School days, and I mean that in the best possible way. “Want You To Know” could be a decent sized VH1 Soul hit. And her Spanglish version of “Lost Without You” is also pretty tight.

I don’t know what she plans on doing next, but she shouldn’t have too much of a hard time landing a deal. Urban Spanish Music is experiencing a boom lately, so I don’t see why a pretty girl with talent like Marquez can’t land another deal.

Whatever she decides, I only wish her luck…


“Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” Trailer


This is looking good. After seeing “Rambo” earlier this year, I couldn’t really think of any other movie that I was excited for in 2008. But after seeing Harrison Ford back as the iconic “Indiana Jones” in this trailer. I am looking forward to this film.

The short teaser surprisingly showed a lot of action. I hope the movie is as good as the promise of the trailer. But then again, the “Indiana Jones” films were some of Speilberg at his best. They were just fun (and now classic) movies.

Count me in on May 22nd!


“Nip/Tuck” (Season 5/Episode 12) Recap!


Holy incest…

Was anyone else shocked by that huge bombshell that happened by the end of the episode? Sure “Nip/Tuck” has been known for it’s outrageous plot twists, but this one took the prize.

In a season full of laughs, shocks, surprises and scandals, did “Nip/Tuck” finally take it too far?

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