The Writers Strike Is Over!


Dear WGA Members,

I have supported your cause through out the strike, even if it meant me having to deal with an overabundance of reality programming.

I sat and wondered when “30 Rock” would finally return. I was worried for this 4th season of “Lost” not beng able to complete it’s 16 episode order. I understood that a strike would prevent Jack Bauer from discovering another mole at CTU this year. And I was partially glad that the strike stopped Tim Kring from destroying “Heroes” further this season.

But now that you guys got a good deal, understand where I am coming from when I say this….


Thanks for providing me with quality entertainment each season though.


YouTube Clip of the Day!

It’s only the middle of February, but I think I may have seen the craziest nonsense I will see ALL Year….

Wow… That is just all sorts of wrong.