Photo of the Day: A Pregnant Jennifer Lopez


I feel bad for her. Not because she gained weight and looks completely different. But because that looks HEAVY. I still don’t know how my Mom did it. I still don’t know how women do it. But damn, women get serious props from me, cause the above isn’t easy.

JLO went to a fundraiser or something with Marc Anthony. Glad to see that she isn’t one of those vain people who gets pregnant and decides to stay home until they give birth.

Then they annoyingly reappear on the cover of Self Magazine with their old pre-baby body and a caption that reads “How she got the weight off in 2 weeks!”

Here is another pic from the side…



BTW: Here is her Acting “Tour De Force”, the video to her single “Get Right”.

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  1. i must admit that was totally different from the down to earth preety jlo jiz . I had a big smile printed on my fave, and after a while it got me wondering” how will i be with a baby in my tommy”. I ill just leave that for now

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