How good has “Lost” Season 4 been so far?


I will fully admit that I was one of the naysayers who grew frustrated with the way Season 2 went. While I didn’t want the answers for ALL of the island’s mysteries, I did feel that the show had no endgame.

I was a hard core fan of JJ Abrams other show “Alias”. After seeing “Alias” (which was one of the best spy shows on television) turn into a crappy soap opera, I lost faith in “LOST”.

I tried to give Season 3 a chance, but those first 8 episodes that were over-hyped online were really boring to me. So I just gave up. I was done. I wanted nothing to do with the island exploits of Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke, and the rest of the survivors of Oceanic Air Flight 815.

I was officially over the show.

But then I rewatched the pilot episode on DVD and remembered why I loved this show so much to begin with. And when the show came back for an uninterrupted 16 episode run, I tuned in. After a few episodes of slowly restoring my faith, I became a loyal viewer again. And then came that doozy of a cliffhanger that blew my mind and changed everything about the show. Suddenly “LOST” was back and I was happy again.

Now we finally have Season 4…

The premiere entitled “The Beginning of the End” was met with online criticism that it didn’t “WOW” anyone. But to be honest, after a game changing Season 3 Finale twist, what can actually top that so soon?

The premiere was a natural extension of the finale and that was good. It answered a lot of questions, and in typical “LOST” fashion it raised new ones. So why is this suddenly not frustrating me? Simple. The producers decided on an end date for the show. So now I know that the writers know exactly where they are going. So I just shut up and enjoy the ride for what it is. A huge puzzle that is being put together every week and will eventually be complete.

The acting in the premiere was good. The Hurley Flash-Forward was interesting. Now we know that there are 6 people who “Officially” got off the island. And we got to see the start of Jack’s descent into “WE GOT TO GO BAAACK!” territory. The show also dealt with the demise of Charlie in a realistic way. Not everyone cries and gets all depressed when someone passes away. Also, when you are stranded on an island and there is a chance you are going to get off, there really isn’t time to have the group come together and have a big “Charlie” montage where Sia’s “Breathe Me” plays in the background.  

Last nights episode entitled “Confirmed Dead” was even better than the premiere. The “Rescuers” came to the island and of course they had shady ulterior motives. But I love how our Losties banded together to prove that they are the HBIC’s of the island. The scene where Jack told a rescuer that they had friends in the woods with guns to their heads was brilliant. The wreckage of Oceanic Flight 815 was creepy. And I called the hotline number and was amazed that it was a real number.  

It was also great to see Sayid and Juliet band together to get all bad assed on us.

I honestly could care less about Locke’s trek through the jungle. I never liked Locke (all though his previous flashbacks were always some of the most compelling of the show). I am more of a Jack fan. Sure people hate Jack, but you can’t fault a dude who tries his best to make sense out of everything. He leads with his brain, unlike Locke who just does whatever “The Island” tells him to do.

All of the acting in the second episode was top notch. My only gripe? How can Benjamin Linus withstand all of the beatings he has received since the Season 3 Finale without being mentally disabled at this point? Is the island healing his manipulative little brain? And the whole “Ghostbusters” scene. I know “LOST” has its share of supernatural elements, but the whole scene didn’t sit too well with me.

The final reveals of the night were pretty killer. The rescuers were really there for Ben and then Ben revealing he had a mole on their boat was a great way to end the episode. Moles are always good. Ask “24”, the mole device is used at “CTU” with great effect every season.

So far so good with Season 4. I just hope that the writers strike officially ends soon so that production on the back 8 episodes can begin. That way once these currently airing episodes are done, the remaining 8 of Season 4 can premiere in September.

It would give us all another mini season before the uninterrupted 16 for Season 5 can begin in February 2009.

What are your thoughts on this season so far? And when “Grey’s Anatomy” returns, where on the ABC schedule should “LOST” go?