Guess I Spoke Too Soon?


One of my suggestions earlier today was for “Project Runway” to use models from other shows like “America’s Next Top Model” for crossover appeal.

And guess what? It happened. In scanning the Fashion Week Designs for each of this season’s designers I spotted Jaslene, Dani Evans, and Bianca in their shows…



“Somewhere in Boom-Kack NY….”

What in the world is Laurieann Gibson trying to do here? Did the chair that Michael Bivens allegedly throw at her cause permanent damage to her brain?

Or did it give her multiple personality disorder that causes her to think she is Fergie? Because this song flows like “My Humps” AND “Fergalicious” at the same time.

This song is the worst piece of trash I have heard in years. It’s worse than an entire “Kidz Bop” album of Beyonce covers. Let us all gather around in group prayer to wish that this is the last single and video she will ever release.



Throwback Song of the Day: Ryan Leslie “Promise Not To Call”


This song was one of my faves toward the end of 2006 and early 2007. Too bad it was never released because it was pretty good. I prefer it to his current single “Diamond Girl”.

Either way hopefully he will release a CD soon.   

Inside the making of the song:

The dude is talented. Plain and simple.


Photo of the Day: A Pregnant Jennifer Lopez


I feel bad for her. Not because she gained weight and looks completely different. But because that looks HEAVY. I still don’t know how my Mom did it. I still don’t know how women do it. But damn, women get serious props from me, cause the above isn’t easy.

JLO went to a fundraiser or something with Marc Anthony. Glad to see that she isn’t one of those vain people who gets pregnant and decides to stay home until they give birth.

Then they annoyingly reappear on the cover of Self Magazine with their old pre-baby body and a caption that reads “How she got the weight off in 2 weeks!”

Here is another pic from the side…



BTW: Here is her Acting “Tour De Force”, the video to her single “Get Right”.

How good has “Lost” Season 4 been so far?


I will fully admit that I was one of the naysayers who grew frustrated with the way Season 2 went. While I didn’t want the answers for ALL of the island’s mysteries, I did feel that the show had no endgame.

I was a hard core fan of JJ Abrams other show “Alias”. After seeing “Alias” (which was one of the best spy shows on television) turn into a crappy soap opera, I lost faith in “LOST”.

I tried to give Season 3 a chance, but those first 8 episodes that were over-hyped online were really boring to me. So I just gave up. I was done. I wanted nothing to do with the island exploits of Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke, and the rest of the survivors of Oceanic Air Flight 815.

I was officially over the show.

But then I rewatched the pilot episode on DVD and remembered why I loved this show so much to begin with. And when the show came back for an uninterrupted 16 episode run, I tuned in. After a few episodes of slowly restoring my faith, I became a loyal viewer again. And then came that doozy of a cliffhanger that blew my mind and changed everything about the show. Suddenly “LOST” was back and I was happy again.

Now we finally have Season 4…

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An “American Tragedy”?


The new issue of Rolling Stone is out today. It’s a special cover of the beleaguered fallen pop idol Britney Spears.

While it’s really messed up that Britney is essentially out of control these days. To label what she is going through an “American Tragedy” is a bit excessive. Does Rolling Stone know there is a real American Tragedy going on right now in Iraq?

What she is going through is tragic, but it’s of her own doing. As a former fan of Spears who thought she had the hottest body in the world at one point, it saddens me to see her in these various states of FAIL.

I really do wish her the best and hope she can turn it all around for the sake of her well being, kids, family and her life. But I’m not so sure we will ever see the Britney who wowed everyone at the VMA’s when she sang the strip club version of “Oops I Did It Again”. After all the self induced damage she has caused to her image and reputation since that awful UPN Reality Show she made, I highly doubt people will even be able to look at her the same.

Her only solution would be to get help for a while. And this should be done with her family as well. Obviously there is bad blood there and they all should be involved in her recovery/healing process. Also, her father should think about protecting her assets and investments. To be on top of the world at one point only to later reveal that your wild spending has left you with 40 million dollars is a little scary.

And finally to Britney (as if she is really reading my blog) this advice.

Go away until at least 2010. And that is not sarcasm or me being a smart ass. Get help and seriously fall off the face of the earth for a while and relax. Get your mind right. Get real friends. Get a good support system going. Maybe even take college classes to better yourself. Get your life together and get away from LA.  

I’m afraid that if no one locks her up for a while until she faces her problems, we will all be witness to a really bad situation. A situation that at this point seems to be the inevitable conclusion to this sad story.


BTW: Here is the best song on her album “Blackout”. It’s called “Heaven On Earth”. It’s a shame she is so far gone that she can’t promote what is essentially the best album of her career properly. 

Can “Project Runway” Turn It Around?


I don’t know about everyone else, but “Project Runway 4” has left me copying the chant of Comic Book Guy from “The Simpsons”:

“Worst Season Ever!”

Seriously, I am to the point where I really do not care if the episode for the week is new or not anymore. We were promised the most talented designers this show has ever had, but when you measure them up to some of our past season faves, none of these folks have anything on Kara Saun, Daniel Vosovic, Laura Bennett, Mychael Knight, and Chloe Dao.

So what is going on here? What’s with the sudden slump? And can this show be saved in time for “Project Runway 5”?

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