Unsigned Talent: Lea “It’s Not Workin”


Record labels can really suck sometimes.

Many talented artists sometimes languish by the wayside in favor of promoting gimmicky artist who’s talent is questionable. For every tone def, record label appointed “Princess of R&B” there are about 3 more vocally talented female singers awaiting an album release that will never happen.

Which brings me to an artist named Lea.


Lea is a beautiful Latina R&B singer who gained minor fame by singing the hook on Lil Flip’s smash hit “Sunshine”. She had a record deal which recently (and inexplicably) fell through.

Her voice is smooth, sexy, and at sometimes when I listen to her sing, she sounds like the deceased Aaliyah (RIP). She worked with one of my favorite producers (Ryan Leslie) on a song named “It’s Not Workin'”.

I don’t know if Lea plans on releasing the single independently, but she really should. Whether it be via iTunes or on her Myspace page. “It’s Not Workin'” would be a hit for her. For starters, the beat is hot. Secondly, her vocals completely work with the beat and flows nicely. It’s one of the few Ryan Leslie productions where the female singer who is singing over his beat is actually talented enough to ride with the beat.

Check her Myspace page to hear a clip of her song “It’s Not Workin'”. The song is featured in her Myspace Music Player.

I am hoping that she doesn’t stay unsigned for long. Someone should be smart enough to try and work with her to make an album happen. If not Lea, there is always the mixtape route.


Lea in the studio with Ryan: