Listen to Diddy: Protect Yourself From “Bitch Assness”….

You gotta love Diddy. As much as he does some random crazy things at times that makes people knock him, I actually find some of the more out there things that he does funny. He is a man you just have to tip you hat off to.

He’s managed to remain rich and a top earner. He also has managed to stay relevant since his 90’s heyday. And as much as people knocked his “Yeah Yeah Yeah” ad-libs that were all over a track, it’s pretty much the norm now for producers. Now you can’t hear a Timbaland song now without him making some of his King Koopa noises in the background.

Sure Diddy’s CD’s may not sell millions and millions of copies, but he does his thing. And to top it off, dude is a real funny guy and has the ability to entertain.

I was watching Making The Band this week, and I just had to pause and rewind a part. It was towards the end. You know how you watch TV, but sometimes you do other things while listening to the TV in the background? Well that’s what happened to me.

Diddy gives a pretty funny speech on the epidemic of “Bitch Assness” which is currently spreading throughout NYC.

I just laugh at the fact that he says the word with a straight face. If I was there I would have been laughing because he basically called the guy a “Bitch Ass”. But then for laughing he would have probably sent my ass to go get him a cheesecake in Brooklyn and then walk uptown to sing on the corner of 125th and St. Nick until I got tired.

You don’t mess with Diddy….