Danity Kane Performs “Damaged” Live!


If you haven’t heard by now, Bad Boy girl group Danity Kane is back with a new single called “Damaged”.

I’ll admit that the song is a tad uninteresting at first listen, but it grew on me a lot. The lyrics are nothing deep. It’s the typical “I’m jacked up from my last relationship, so if you can forgive that we can work on moving on” type songs. It’s produced by some dudes called “The Stereotypes” and they did a good job.


Here is a peek at the girls performing the song live.

My thoughts on the grainy YouTube clip above? Good job. The choreography is tight (RIP Boom Kat Pow) and it is a little more aggressive. But so is the song. The song is also a little odd because there is really no musical build up to the first verse. It starts off like Ciara’s “Promise” right into the verse.

I didn’t know what to expect from these girls with their 2nd album, but hopefully their music will be good like their 1st album.

I’m still mad that “Right Now” was never a single.