“A Nightmare on Elm Street” Remake Cast?


Hey guys, I’m telling you straight up, remaking this film is something I do not really want to happen. I love “Freddy”, I love the sequels (Save for 2, 6, and Freddy vs Jason). I think that Robert Englund is an irreplaceable icon as Fred Kreuger.

But if they must remake this film, I guess I can’t stop them from doing so. 

Here we go with my suggestions again.

And before you complain about any choices being from Television shows, just remember that Mr. Depp himself was on “21 Jump Street”. A cheeseball teen show that aired on FOX when it was the 90’s equivalent of The CW.

Fred Kreuger:

Casting Freddy will be the trickiest of all. For starters how do you even attempt to replace Robert Englund in a role that he made his? You can’t go too young. And you can’t go too old. Because if you go old, then England should be brought back obviously. So you need someone who is mature. Someone who is a good actor. And someone who isn’t afraid to return to the role for a lot of sequels. So my pick?

Christopher  Meloni


He was an evil bastard on “OZ” and does great underrated work on the only “Law and Order” that matters “SVU”. He is the only actor that I can see coming on board and doing justice to the role. And his TV schedule could permit him to film the movie and sequels during his break. He also doesn’t seem like a snob. So he would probably be willing to embrace being in a horror film. So the cries of Ben Foster doing this should end right now. Ben Foster, Ryan Gosling, Johnny Depp, and Crispin Glover are all actors who would not want to be typecast as the new Freddy Kreuger. Especially up and coming actors like Gosling (an Oscar nominee) and Foster (who is coming off acclaim from “3:10 To Yuma”). 

And the suggestions of Depp and Glover? Well one makes 20 million a movie while the other is reportedly reclusive and difficult to work with. The only way I see Depp in this film is if he does a cameo as Glen Lantz’ dad (Glen being the character he portrayed in the original). 

Clip of Meloni’s acting: Clip

Lt. Thompson:

This one was easy because the actor I picked already played a good father/sheriff on “Veronica Mars”.

Enrico Colantoni


As Sheriff Keith Mars, Enrico already has proven he is both a good actor, and he can also fill in John Saxon shoes easily. For 3 season’s on Veronica Mars the audience grew to love the guy as he was smart, funny, and tough when he needed to be. And in the end, he was always there for his daughter.

Clip of his acting: Clip

Nancy Thompson:

Casting the lead girl is always tough. She can’t be terribly stiff like Monica Keena in “Freddy vs Jason” or annoying like Scout Taylor Compton in “Halloween”. She has to look like an old school good girl the way Heather Langenkamp did in the original. In casting leads for horror films (specifically slasher movies) the producers can sometimes cast duds.

You can’t cast someone who is a stiff actor, because when it’s time to show emotion or look scared it comes off as being campy. You can’t cast someone unrelateable because then the audience won’t root for her in the end. Look at both of the Texas Chainsaw remakes. In part 1, the audience wants Jessica Biel to win in the end. In part 2, no one cared less about Jordana Brewster.  Same thing happened in “Final Destination”. In part 1, Ali Larter was great. And in part 2, she overshadowed AJ Cook.

The lead girl has to convey a sense that she is popular and well like, yet not trashy. And she has to be able to switch it up as the film progresses and be stronger to eventually face down the villain convincingly. So my pick.

Leighton Meester



Sure she may be typecast as a rich bitch on TV. But on her show as the episodes progressed, she has shown different sides to her character. Many of which are vulnerable. She is a good actor. Not big enough to demand a crazy salary that would break the budget. And she looks the part.

Ideally we would all want a huge star like Rachel McAdams, but we got to remember that she commands a 3 million dollar salary now. And even though she did “Red Eye”, I highly doubt she would do a slasher movie. She turned down “The Devil Wears Prada”, “Iron Man” and even “Casino Royale”. I don’t think she’s dying to make a “Nightmare” movie.

And I have seen all of the Odette Yustman suggestions online. Sure she was very pretty in “Cloverfield” but I think Leighton has her beat in the acting department. Instead of casting a rehab starlet like Lindsay Lohan, I would prefer to see someone like Leighton. She is still relatively new, and could do well if given the opportunity.

Clips of her acting: Clip 1  / Clip 2

So those are the 3 I would choose for the core cast. I think that I can safely say that Nancy, Lt. Thompson, and Freddy will be in the remake. The rest of the characters could drastically change from the original, so I’ll hold off for now.

One suggestion though, if they do include Tina, that role should go to a bigger named young actress, not someone too big, but someone famous enough. That way they can pull a Drew Barrymore in “Scream” and kill off the most famous person in the first half of the movie.

And not some famous person who is famous for nothing like Paris Hilton, but a credible REAL actress. If  they don’t go the famous starlet route, I’d probably cast Elisha Cuthbert. And if Nancy’s mom is included? I don’t know who I’d choose really. The role of an alcoholic mom can be played by any 40-something actress who is good. They could also cast a more famous person due to the fact that the film would be a one shot deal.

We all know what happens to Nancy’s Mom in the end.

What do you think? Who would you cast? Are you going to complain about The CW or WB? Let me hear your thoughts below! 🙂