I am an “HGTV” fanatic!


I don’t know how it occurred, but I realized on Sunday that I am obsessed with HGTV.

I sat there on the couch alternating between HGTV and HGTV-HD all morning and early afternoon yesterday.

Over the last couple of months I became obsessed with “Hidden Potential” (and I want a designer with a laptop to accompany me when I decide to buy a house.) I also like “Get it Sold” with Sabrina Soto. She is very pretty and it’s cool how she really get’s down and helps people sell their homes.

I think my newfound obsession came with my bouts of Insomnia, as HGTV is the only channel that shows interesting things at 2AM.

One thing I do hate about the channel? The ridiculous amount of “As Seen on TV” commercials that they run.

These commercials are stupid, annoying, and unintentionally hilarious. The people featured in them are really stupid or their clumsiness is greatly exaggerated.

Below is a sampling of the annoying commercials that run like crazy on the channel. And their damn products are so fucking useless it’s amazing…

And 2 More:

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