I am an “HGTV” fanatic!


I don’t know how it occurred, but I realized on Sunday that I am obsessed with HGTV.

I sat there on the couch alternating between HGTV and HGTV-HD all morning and early afternoon yesterday.

Over the last couple of months I became obsessed with “Hidden Potential” (and I want a designer with a laptop to accompany me when I decide to buy a house.) I also like “Get it Sold” with Sabrina Soto. She is very pretty and it’s cool how she really get’s down and helps people sell their homes.

I think my newfound obsession came with my bouts of Insomnia, as HGTV is the only channel that shows interesting things at 2AM.

One thing I do hate about the channel? The ridiculous amount of “As Seen on TV” commercials that they run.

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Throwback Villain of the Week!


Melissa from “Friday The 13th VII: The New Bloood”.

The Paula Abdul Super Bowl XLII Performance


Surprising is all I can say. While the song isn’t really my sort of thing, she did do a good job. Especially since everyone wrote Paula Abdul off due to her behavior.

She isn’t dancing as hard has she used to. But she still went out there and did a decent job. She should be proud it didn’t look like this….


New England Patriots (18 – 1)


Tom Brady is full of FAIL. I wonder how his ankle is feeling today.

Congrats to the New York Giants for winning Super Bowl XLII.  

No further commentary is needed…