The Return of “Making The Band”!


I am a sucker for Reality Competition shows. Any Reality Show with a competitive aspect to the premise is something I can most likely get into.

I never watched the first “Making The Band” on ABC. I wasn’t interested in seeing them form a new Boy Band. So the show wasn’t on my radar. But once the show moved to MTV and they tried making a low rent version of The Fugees, I watched.

I even watched when Diddy tried to find the next “Gemini’s Twin” on “Making The Band 3”.

If you ask me, “Making The Band 3” was the high point for the series. No one in my house missed an episode. From Diddy screaming to feel goosebumps, to a delusional Aubrey being sad about being “The Pretty One”, to Laurie Anne and her crazy ass “Boom Kat Pow’s” we were hooked. I liked Danity Kane, and their debut album was better than I expected from a band formed on a reality TV show.

But it didn’t get any sort of promotion whatsoever. The girls went Platinum on the strength of one moderately successful single, and a second video that was rarely shown outside of the MTV Hits graveyard. Needless to say they got played.

In comparison Diddy released 4 singles and still only went Platinum. So imagine if Danity Kane were to release “One Shot” or “Right Now”?

Anyhow, my frustrations with the promotion of their debut album aside, the group is back on the latest season of “Making The Band”. But this time it will be a Battle of the Sexes type deal where Danity Kane is up aganst 112 The Sequel and the poor skinny white dude who will eventually get lost in the Bad Boy GRAVEYARD Artist Roster with Cheri Dennis, Babs and Ness.

I’m looking forward to the show. The format not so much. But hey, hopefully they will be able to work out a good CD.

And it looks like there will be plenty of drama.