“Maury” and his “Out of Control Teens!” kill me….


Yes I actually DVR the “Maury” show and watch it when I get home.

I haven’t seen a good “Out of Control Teens!” episode in a while, but yesterday my prayers were answered in the form of 13 year old Kia.

This girl is in serious need of some old school discipline. I watch these shows and laugh because it amazes me how parents can’t get a handle on these dumb brats. I also love how there is always an invisible barrier that the bad teens and the audience do not cross. There is always a huge gap between the booing audience and the bad teans who stand on stage to protest that they “DONT CARE!” and that “I DO WHAT I WANT!”.

I don’t know if I can sit in the audience of the “Maury” show during one of these tapings without going old school and hurling those chankleta’s that your parents flung at you when you were out of line.

Remember those things? The special ones with the homing device that always managed to find the good side of your head?

Anyhow, here is the bomb drop of the episode.

Sex for a Can of Soda? Seriously? Is that what this world is actually coming to? A can of soda here in NYC is a buck! 

I don’t get how kids turn out this way. But I want to know the fool who films the pre-recorded segments that show the kids trying to pose all sexy while boasting about how bad they are. I want that job. It must be a fun job. I don’t know how they can get through filming segments without laughing hysterically.

These girls are also usually in need of a “Flexees” while they are proclaiming their sexiness with their belly all out.




  1. Everytime I see these girls on the Maury show, who are always under 16 of age need to grow up and think about their educations and what they want to become after grad in a very positive way. Everytime they come on the show, they humilated their mothers, sisters, etc; Get yelled at or booed by the audience; telling lies which of course the results always tell the truth; getting yelled at by D-West or someone else; going to jail; get yelled at by big tough ass girls on their faces; started crying; wanting to go home and saying sorry to their familes; and looking back of how humailated they were on national t.v.

    Is this world fuckin’ stupid or something. wow!

  2. I totally agree what tamara said.

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