The Return of the “American Gladiators”!


When I was a kid I would watch “American Gladiators” on Saturday Nights on WNYW. It was a cool show when I was growing up. I even had some “American Gladiators” action figures as well.  So I was definitely going to tune into the “American Gladiators” remake that premiered on Sunday on NBC.

While the show’s format hasn’t entirely changed, the show was modernized in a way that worked for me.

But the show is far from being great. One of the main issues are the Gladiators themselves. With the exception of Toa and Crush, the Gladiators are not too likeable. Wolf annoys me with his constant howling. He looks like a cross between Richard Branson and Diamond Dallas Page.

The African American Gladiators also let me down. They guys are just too corny or say these one liners that sound like old school basketball court taunts.

Militia’s tough guy act is a bit on the OD side of things (especially with his porn start past now coming to light.) The dude is in shape for sure, but the act is weak. It was also funny how his shorts easily ripped off last night on the “Earthquake” event.  Was his wardrobe malfunction an old habit he carried over from his porno star days?

And now for Helga. I mean come on. She is too overweight to be a convincing Gladiator. Sure she may be strong, but when it comes to agility, she loses. 2 women ran right past her during an event.

I don’t see her returning if this show goes to Season 2.

Speaking of another useless Gladiator, what’s with Venom constantly posing? She should focus on winning events and less on posing when the ref yells “Gladiator’s Ready?!?”.

Issues aside, based on nostalgia alone the show has got me for the moment. But if it is going to keep my attention, I think they need to get more convincing contestants.

The show needs dudes that can convincingly stand up to these 6+ Foot monsters. As far as women contestants are concerned, the 1st 2 on Sunday were lame but the women in the 2nd half of the episode were really good. The Marine who lost in the 2nd half really deserves the spot Venus won in the 1st half. Venus was lame and posed no threat to any of the Gladiators.

Either way, I’ll continue to give this show a shot. There is nothing else on during this WGA Strike, so at least it’s something to tide me over until my favorite scripted shows return.

What did you guys think? Did you watch the show at all?