The “Nintendo Wii” is my new obsession…

Why was I so late in discovering this gem of a video game console? I mean seriously, I never really wanted a Wii, but then I asked for and got one for Christmas. I was surprised that my family was able to find one for me during the Christmas shortages. But they did and it was for the proper retail price of $250 dollars.

To the uninitiated, the Wii may seem like a simple novelty item or a gimmick. But once you play several games on the system, you realize that the novelty doesn’t wear off. Playing games on the Wii is a fun experience, and playing in a group is even better.

Like a bunch of dorks, me, my best friend and my family had some drinks and played “Wii Sports”.

“Wii Sports” is a game that is bundled with the core Wii system. And it’s an addictive freaking game. Playing it in a group actually adds to the fun and it makes for great laughs. Bowling is surprisingly realistic. Tennis is fun (but it gets harder once you turn Pro). And Baseball is fun as well, (frustrating AI in the outfield and all).

But the best game for the system hands down is “Super Mario Galaxy”. This is the best Mario game since the N64 Mario. The game is not too hard like “Super Mario Sunshine” and not too easy either. The levels are creative, and many of them maintain the elements from prior Mario outings.

The musical score is also very well done, dare I say the music in some levels is exciting. The game play is nearly flawless, no bad camera angles like in Mario Sunshine. And no ridiculously hard platforming levels either. So far the only difficult things I have encountered were the Daredevil Comets. 

Nintendo’s idea for a system that will bring people together in a shared gaming experience was a smart one. This is a system that will entertain gamers, yet won’t alienate casual gamers like the 360 or PS3 will. And it also helps that the price point is at $250. Far less than it’s competitors, and it helps parents who go broke buying their kids expensive systems.  

The Wii has nearly taken over my life. But I’m not complaining at all. With the WGA Strike still going on, there is nothing to watch on TV. So the Wii is a welcome distraction in my already busy life.

If you were thinking about getting a Wii, think no more. Just go out and get one. It will provide you with hours of entertainment. It also gives you a good mini work out when you play Tennis or Boxing. You really have to move your body to win at those games.

Get one when they are availiable again.