Hillary Clinton brings the drama. She nearly cries on the Campaign Trail.


Seriously Hillary? Fighting back tears? Is it that serious?

I mean, does anyone think she would have broken down if she were still the Front Runner? I mean come on! I don’t buy this moment of calculated vulnerability at all. This was all planned if you ask me.

Everyone seems to be saying that this was good for her and shows she is a person after all. But my take? It was not sincere, and now all it will do for most people is give them an opportunity to say that women are “too emotional” to lead the free world.

Which is ridiculously stupid, but that is the kind of world we live in. But Hillary shouldn’t have put herself out there like that. Because to a jaded person like me, this wasn’t real at all. It just looked fake as hell. And that is Hillary’s problem. She is not relatable. She is polarizing. And to hold back tears because someone asked her “How does she do it?” in referencing to Being A Woman in politics is silly.

Everyone named her the front runner based on her “Celebrity” not realizing how much of an image problem she has. And now people are seeing right through the polished Clinton veneer.

But whatever, that’s my take on this situation. You don’t have to agree with me at all. But we all can agree on one thing, that we all should VOTE in both the Primary, and in the General Election in November. I don’t care who you vote for, just as long as you make yourself heard in 2008.  

If you are over 18 and meet the eligibility criteria, then you should register to vote ASAP!