“Nip/Tuck” (Season 5/Episode 7) Recap!


Last night’s episode of “Nip/Tuck” was simply the best of the season so far. All of the crazy plot twists and turns reminded me of the series best season, Season 2.

What also amazes me is how we are only at the beginning of the season. With this much drama now, I wonder what the rest of the season have in store for us?

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The episode dealt with many of the storylines that were opened up in the hilarious “Plastic Fantastic” episode. Sean having giving in to Eden’s temptations was actually enjoying himself with her. That is until he became too attached to Eden post sexual tryst. This of course turned Eden off. She delivered a serious blow to his ego when she informed him that she “Didn’t date guys with gray pubes”. Seriously, only on a show like “Nip/Tuck” can a line like that be uttered.

Christian and Sean were also dealing with Kimber and Matt’s revelation that they have been doing some “Requiem for a Dream” type stuff secret. They mentioned the rate in which former Meth addicts return to using the drug, which only confirmed to me that one of them would be relapsing by episode’s end. Matt and Kimber wanted to talk to Christian and Sean with regards to them helping Kimber regain her faded by Crystal Meth looks through surgery. The guys refused to do the surgery and sent them on their way.

Christian and Kimber did however strike a side deal for the surgery leading up to one of the most memorable final scenes in “Nip/Tuck” history. But I’ll get back to that.

Sean met up with movie star Aidan Stone on the set of their “Hearts & Scalpels” TV Series. Naturally Sean starts to fell in love with Aidan’s reckless lifestyle. Sean and Aidan became BFF’s for the day, and they went to a spa in order to rejuvenate their looks. 

Julia and Olivia were still having problems with their relationship. It seems like Julia is always having relationship issues. The latest issue is how she couldn’t commit to Olivia by declaring herself a Lesbian. They argued about this issue in public, and in typical “Nip/Tuck” fashion, they were both suddenly held up at gun point by some random fat dude. This is the “Nip/Tuck” I love. The show that shocks me with these out of nowhere plot twists.

Olivia’s confident exterior was shattered once she was in peril. She was crying, sobbing, and being real weak about the situation. All the while Julia was the brave one. Julia managed to stand up to the criminal (who tried to make them do some sexual things in the forest ala “The Last House on the Left”) before he retreated with their car. In the end Julia realized that during her ordeal, Olivia couldn’t protect her. And that she needed a man. So what did she predictably do? She ran to Christian’s bed. And I have officially had enough of Julia. 

Aidan was busy showing Sean the wilder side of life at his “Hell” theme party. On a side note isn’t Bradley Cooper perfect as Aidan? I couldn’t help but laugh at those really weird exercises he was doing on the bed in his trailer in front of Sean. And the line “Being a High School Senior makes you 18 right?” was really funny. I hope this dude doesn’t go anywhere soon.

At Aidan’s “Hell” party, Sean encounters Eden. Aidan in an effort to help Sean attract Eden again, devises a plan to get Eden to hook up with him. Sean acts uninterested and flirts with other barely legal chicks. This got Eden’s attention and jealousy. They wound up in bed together and during intercourse, Sean had an adverse reaction to the Extacy Pills Eden gave him. This sent him straight to the hospital.

Kimber refreshed after surgery, went on a thieving spree and after dolling herself up, headed to her former Porn Boss’ office. They linked up and had sex resulting in Kimber being back in the business of Porn. 

Later on, “Burger King” Matt went home and found a newly defiant Kimber packing her stuff. She leaves him and takes all of her things. Their relationship is finally over. And I am glad, I never bought these two as a couple at all. And their Scientology storyline was really dull if you ask me.  

At the hospital Julia finds out about Sean and Eden infuriating her. Upon her return home she threatens Eden. Eden (who is my favorite evil character since Ava) delivers yet another ego blow, this time to Julia. What will happen next with this affair? I don’t know. But it’s probably the only affair that Sean has had that I am comfortable with. When he was dealing with the actress who crapped in the hot tube earlier this season, I didn’t see any chemistry. With Eden there is a lot of it. I also like how this season has been focusing on how Hollywood has slowly turned Sean into Christian.  

A disheveled Matt goes to Christian for help again, but Christian becomes violent with Matt. He threw a drink in his face, and kicked him out of the office. Matt returns to an empty home. Due to the stress, he tries to make a Meth Lab in his house. Told you there would be a relapse by episode’s end.

Anyone who has seen “Grey’s Anatomy” this season can tell you that home Meth Labs explode. But I guess Matt was too high to watch TV this season? 

In a final scene where “Total Eclipse of the Heart” played as Matt mixed drugs, the Meth Lab naturally caught fire, and so did Matt. And just when I thought that we were all going to be saved from seeing his weird face again, he ran out the house and jumped 2 stories into a pool. I have to admit, I have NEVER liked Matt. So if this is the way his character goes out then so be it.

Next week’s promo just shows that the season will continue to go in a good direction. And I am glad. While I watched (and own Seasons 3 and 4 on DVD) the show was never as good as it’s earlier years. But it looks like this location change to LA was just what this series needed.   

What did you guys think of the episode? Is Matt dead? Is Kimber going to get her comeuppance soon? Will Julia and Olivia break up? And is Eden going to let Julia get away with touching her pretty face and threatening her?




  1. i thought Eden wanted to keep her virginty or something? – last episode she was getting surgey, this episode she’s sleeping with Sean, doesn’t make sense to me. they re trying waaay too hard

  2. I couldn’t help myself but to laugh the whole episode. Between Christian’s amazing one liners to Matt catching himself on fire. The only thing that bugged me was the whole alien story thingy, which I saw and whispered to myself: “oh god.”.

    Nip tuck is only good nowdays because of two characters: Aidan and of course Christian. Like in HBO’s Entourage, Ari, being the character everyone wants to see, Aidan has revolutioned each and every episode since his debut in Nip Tuck and has brought a way more comical and fun atmosphere to the show.

    One thing that I do want to know is when Kimber and Matt were arguing towards the end, why were there several close up angle shots of her face, as if she looked disturbed in some way. Also, right after she leaves the room, we see her stumble.
    I really don’t know what the message the writers were trying to emphasize in that scene. Did she feel guilty for leaving Matt? Was she still on drugs? Was she abducted by aliens and was forced to tell Matt that she never loved him?

    Anyways, we’ll see what happens next episode. I’m hoping Matt is finally dead 😀 but I doubt it. Maybe he’ll bump into Ava?!? Or the other transexual he beat up?!? Or the Goth chick Ariel with the Dad who know one knows where he is?!?

    P.S. I hope they don’t continue with the alien story.. please God, please 😐 .

    P.P.S Eden’s hawt stuff 😡

  3. Christian: What do you want Kimber?
    Kimber: You…inside of me
    Christian: What makes you think I wanna stick my dick inside that sasepole vigina of yours, risk having been bitten off by one of those Alaskan King Crabs you got swimming around down there

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