“Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is” Finale!


I just want to say one thing. Shame on BET!

Not because I object to this show being on the air, it’s the complete opposite. I have never watched this show until my best friend Nicole told me about it LAST WEEK. Meanwhile this show is on it’s 2nd season. Where was I? Better yet, where is BET’s promotional department?

Either way, I caught a marathon of this show on Sunday, and I must say, it is the realest and one of the best “Reality” shows on Television right now.

The show really provided me with a deeper insight into the singer who always has this underlying pain in her voice. Now I know why Keyshia is the way she is. Some may label her rude, or abbrasive in interviews, but she is just being real. And by her naming her show “The Way It Is” (after her 1st album) just sums up what her life is about. It truly is the way it is, no set ups, no fake situations like “The Hills”, and it’s not all pretty. This show deals with real life issues head on. I actually applaud her for being honest with her show. I know if most of us had a show based around our lives we would edit many parts out that make us look bad.

After the marathon, I eagerly anticipated last night’s finale. And while there were the typical blowups that we have seen all season from her Mother Frankie and her sister Neffe, I was glad (for Keyshia’s sake) that during the reunion her family put their differences aside. It was nice to see them all just chilling after a tumultuous season.

The paternity issue came to an end too, when the man who was claiming to be her biological father wasn’t. I never bought his story from an earlier episode. It seemed he lacked concrete evidence of paternity. It was just, “Oh yeah, we got the same smile and she looks like my auntie”. Right dude. Did you forget to mention that you also noticed Keyshia’s financial situation?

Overall this season touched on a lot of serious issues that people needed to see. Some of the highlights included Neffe getting a job in Atlanta, her Mom getting her life back in order post prison, and one of the best moments; the episode where Frankie spoke to the women at the shelter. That moment was so powerful, you couldn’t help feel the pain of all the women in that room.  

I am now eagerly awaiting for more episodes of this show. BET really needs to step up their production values and network promotion over all. Most of their fare looks like Public Access save for this show.

Maybe Viacom should step in and move this show to one of their more visible networks?



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  1. I think that Keyshia cole should not have to go throuhg the thing’s that she did on the show “The Way It Is” because she is the bigger and better person than what she is now so all you hater’s out here STOP HATING ON kEYSHIA COLE because i’s not getting you nowhere in life so i think that people out here is just hating on Keyshia Cole because she is famous and she doing thie thing’s that she want to do in hjer life Keyshia Cole is just like everybody else but different because she is a beautiful singer and i think that some time’s people get to over themselve’s and they just need to sit down and shut the heck up real talk because everytime they say something mean about Keyshia Cole, she probably think why they gotta say thing’s so mean about me like i did something to them but it just think that everybody who got something mean to say about Keyshia Cole they just hating on you boo don’t let it get to you or get you down be you and do your thing cause one day the people who hating on you gone be wating something from you and whe they can’t get it they gone hate on you more because they been sipping on that hater rade real talk but i gotta go i get at ya’ll later on when i get a chance aight, one luv to you Keyshia Cole and her family. Dat Get It Girl

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