“Friday The 13th” Remake: You Cast It!


Eventhough the casting breakdown for the new “Friday The 13th” remake pissed me off, I’m still most likely going to see the movie. I’m a die hard fan, and I even saw “Jason X”.

One thing this remake can afford to do right now is to cast decent actors. They already got a good director with Marcus Nispel. I think the right balance of hot chicks, a good lead girl, and decent male actors who don’t look the same could help this film work.

If it were my job to cast the “Friday The 13th” remake, these are the fine young folks I would choose to take a trip to “Camp Blood”.

Keep in mind my choices were based on their current level of fame. I’m wasn’t going to unrealistically suggest any young actors who may think they are above doing a “Horror” movie.

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Blake Lively

I would cast her as the lead girl. She successfully anchors her show “Gossip Girl” and she also proved in other films that she can actually act. She is not yet super famous, and she seems cool enough to be interested in doing a horror film. Especially one where she is the good girl who lives in the end.

Bret Harrison

I’m going to keep it in The CW family with this one. Bret is already no stranger to the supernatural. He also isn’t Shia Lebouf famous where he would ask for a 3 million dollar salary. He would be a perfect male lead in a slasher film like this one.

AnnaLynne McCord

This movie is going to need the stereotypical hot chicks that will rile Jason up. AnnaLynne is currently working her evil mojo on the 5th season of “Nip/Tuck”. She’s perfect for a movie like this.

Texas Battle

The new Horror Movie MVP. He died in 2 so far and lived in 1. You know a black actor will be cast for the remake, and he would do a good job. He is also athletic, so that will help if he is trying to run away from Jason in the forest.

Crystal Lowe

Let’s face it. What is the one thing we all know that is common is “Friday The 13th” flicks? Nudity. And she is no stranger to nudity in horror films. Aside from her great body, she is also a capable actress.

Ryan Hansen

This is a guy who played the comedic relief role so well for 3 seasons on “Veronica Mars”. There is always some dude who is a smart ass in almost every horror film. And rather than have him be a Kevin Smith clone like we have been seeing lately, let’s go back to the old school 80’s jack ass archetype that we all grew up annoyed with.

So these are the actors I would pick for the main cast. I’m sure none of them will get cast though. We will probably get more aspiring actresses who were singers, rappers, and bad rejects from Daytime Television.

I assembled my cast above, who would you guys pick to be in this film? Let me know below.




  1. I love Blake aka Serena Van Der Woodsen. She was awesome in the sisterhood of the traveling pants. I just love her. She would do a good job. I am mad that Gossip Girl is on hiatus due to the strike, and its just when Serena and Dan started heating up as a couple……… UGH!

  2. blake lively is a horrible choice.

  3. Blake Lively does good work on the CW Drama “Gossip Girl” so I stand firmly behind my choice. She would be good. Way better then Monica Keena who was a horrible acting choice for “Freddy vs Jason”. The chick from Ginger Snaps should have gotten the lead.

  4. No offense glad your not casting this movie blake lively sucks please no WB stars.

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