New Movie Posters: “Indy 4” & “The Happening”


I still don’t actually believe that this movie is coming out. It’s been so long, so many rumors and false starts. Even with this poster, I am still not believing that this movie is coming out next May. Maybe a trailer will finally confirm it for me.

The poster looks good though. Harrison Ford still looks good for his age. And it will be refreshing to see him reprise his role as the iconic Indiana Jones. 

It sure as hell beats seeing him play a variation of his Presidential Role in “Air Force One”.


Lately, my love-hate relationship with M. Night Shyamalan’s films is fully on the Hate side of things. I disliked “The Village” I didn’t even give “Lady in the Water” a chance when it was on cable. “Signs” was good until you thought about the plot holes. (Why would aliens who’s number one weakness is water, invade a planet that is 71% water?) 

His best films IMO are “Unbreakable” and “The Sixth Sense”.

Hopefully with “The Happening”, Shyamalan will right everything. He is a talented director. And I am curious to see what he has in store with this movie. It’s also his first R Rated film.

The poster already has me curious. The trail of empty cars is effective. And I’m all for supporting the fact that the underrated Mark Wahlberg is the star. The dude has been paying his dues for years and he doesn’t get to headline many films anymore.