Because she just HAD to do it too: Beyonce’s “Wardrobe Malfunction”


The list of celebrities who have had nude photo scandals or “Wardrobe Malfunctions is pretty big this year.

Britney, Lindsay, Paris, Eliza Dushku, Vanessa Hudgens, and most recently Ashanti.

Now we can add Beyonce to the list of performers who inexplicably decide to not wear undies.

Is it hard to crack open a 5 pack of Hanes and put them on before a performance? As much as I make fun of the excessiveness that is Beyonce as a performer, she does have talent. And a woman this talented shouldn’t get caught out there like this.

Click On The Image For A Larger View. TOTALLY NSFW!


I guess we couldn’t really end the year without seeing someone else’s private parts. At least with Beyonce, she is talented enough that this will be forgotten quickly. She always has her singing and her music to fall back on. Most of these starlets who are caught out there can’t even sing to save their lives. So they need the crotch shot notoriety.  

Hopefully for 2008 all of these girls will buy some underwear. Or at least take the Kardashian route and actually get paid to show their goods.




  1. First

  2. Lame.

    The site owner sould really ban 1st posters who just say First.

  3. Also, her private parts actually dont look bad. She looks like she takes care of her situation down there. Looks better than Brits’. Just wish she wore undies. She didn’t have to go out like that.

  4. I am not Gay or Bi, but she does have a decent looking vajayjay. Compare it to Lindsay Lohan’s, her’s looked used up! That is never good.

    I totally agree, Beyonce may not be my favorite artist, and while this picture is embarrassing, its not at all unflattering.

    Even her inner thigh muscles look strong.

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