New HQ “Iron Man” Pic!

This movie is looking pretty good. It’s one of the few comic book adaptations I am looking forward to.

I am also hoping that the rumors over at AICN are true. The filmmakers are reportedly planning on planting seeds in both “Iron Man” and the new “Hulk” reboot for an “Avengers” movie. That would be pretty cool. All of these heroes live in the same Marvel Universe, so it makes sense that they would eventually bump into each other.

In DC Comics news, it is also being reported that Megan Gale (who is a model) is the new Wonder Woman in the George Miller directed “Justice League of America” film.

My thoughts? Couldn’t they have cast an actor rather than a model? I know there have been exceptions to the Model Turned Actress rule, but is she really capable of pulling off a role like Wonder Woman? Halle Berry won an Oscar and she couldn’t even pull off both “Storm” or “Catwoman”. They needed to really get a girl who is a proven actress who is athletic and can easily handle stunt work and fight choreography.





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