“Old School” Rock Track of the Day: NIN “Closer”


“The Downward Spiral” was probably one of the first Rock/Industrial album I ever purchased. I remember I was still in Junior High (around 1994) when “Closer” came out, and you could only see the video very late at night on MTV. I still have the CD, and I still listen to many of the songs off the album, but my fave will always be “Closer”.

“Closer” is just one of those genre defining songs. Nine Inch Nails is a unique band that paved the way for other Industrial Rock Bands. Trent Reznor is a creative guy, and this urine colored video was very ahead of its time in terms of concept and visual style.

I am still down with anything Trent Reznor does musically, but this song in my opinion is his best work.



Bonus Track: Nine Inch Nails “All The Love In The World