“Heroes” Season 2 Finale Was Full of Plotholes!


Did anyone else watch last night? I got around to watching the show earlier this morning and I was shocked at the horrible writing. It seriously seemed as if I was watching really bad “Heroes” fan fiction.

What was with all the plotholes?

Click Below to Read (Spoilers if you haven’t watched)

Burning Questions:

  • Why didn’t Mohinder decide to use Molly (who has the ability to locate anyone) in order to find an escaped Sylar? To make matters worse, she used her ability 10 minutes earlier in the same episode.
  • Why didn’t Peter ever try to read Adam’s mind? It would have helped a lot if he did.
  • On the subject of Peter, why did he waste time messing with the vault door when he could have just walked through it? I thought Peter absorbed D.L.’s power before?
  • Why did Nathan take so long to get to the point of his speech. He should have just got up and flew.
  • Why did Parkman just sit there looking stupid? He saw the gunman getting away, you would think with his ability he would have been able to send the gunman into a nightmare room the way he did his father (earlier this season).
  • In what universe is Maya’s life for Nathan’s a good trade off? Maya is a poorly written character with a lame power who deserved to die when she got shot last night.
  • The stakes will never matter with this show either if “Cheerleader” blood can resurrect anyone who dies. And what’s with the blood? Is it a one shot deal or once it’s mixed in with yours you can always regenerate? 
  • And if a Bullet through the head kills Adam (who has the same power as Claire) wouldn’t the glass shard have killed Peter last season? Or how about the branch stuck in the back of Claire’s head last season?
  • And I know Nikki hasn’t had the best storylines (ever?) but why kill her off in such a cliched 80’s soap opera cliffhanger way? That fire ball was worst than Pam Ewing’s car accident explosion on “Dallas”.

So long “Heroes”. I can’t co-sign this mess anymore. Too many reset buttons were pushed last night. I know this season was truncated due to the WGA Strike, but 11 episodes into a season most shows have an engaging plot. With this show, there was nothing engaging about it this season (save for 1 or 2 episodes).

This season will probably go down as one of the worst Sophomore Seasons of a TV Series ever.

Oh an the Season 3 epilogue at the end was just so predictable and devoid of any excitement. So Sylar got his groove back. Big deal.



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  1. I also thought the episode was awful. It was so predictable and poorly written. And did Hiro watch “Kill Bill”? Because if Uma Thurman can escape from a coffin, I think the Immortal Takezo Kensei can too.

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