“Desperate Housewives” Season 4 “Finale”: Now That Was A Cliffhanger!


This season “Desperate Housewives” stepped up it’s game big time. There were no filler episodes this season and the storyline moved ahead nicely.

And just as we all were getting comfortable with the happenings of the folks on Wisteria Lane, a twister came roaring into town leaving us with one of the best TV Cliffhanger’s I have seen in a very long time.

Don’t read anymore if you haven’t seen last night’s episode.

But the cliffhanger last night was “Dallas” caliber. And I’m not talking the “Dallas” after the infamous “Dream Season”, I’m talking about the good days.

Seriously, do you think that the writers have the guts to kill off Lynette’s entire family who are now all trapped under the rubble of Mrs. McCluskey’s house? I sure hope not. Lynette had suffered through a whole lot during the series run that killing off her family would destroy her.

Burning Questions:

Will the newly formed friendship between Bree and Katherine last?

Will Mike kick his prescription drug habit?

Will Susan realize that what happened to her on the staircase was in fact Domestic Violence?

And speaking of the Delfino family, where was Julie during all of this mess?

Do you think Edie had time to remember all the numbers on the off shore bank account paperwork before it flew away?

And will Gaby stick with Carlos eventhough he lost his 10 million dollars?

And yup, I totally called it, Victor bit the big one last night. Is anyone else glad?

What did you guys think of last night’s show?




  1. Agreed! What a cliffhanger. Who knows if Carlos will be alright after his “bonk” with that picketfence. Unfortunately, Victor wasn’t as lucky, though I can’t say that I’m sorry.

    About Carlos and Gabby’s current financial issues, both houses demolished by the tornado might be just enough to keep Gabbie with Victor, her friends, and us on Hysteria Lane.

    Anyone else squeal when Gabby and Edie were about to get it on? I was all ready for an all out cat fight. Too bad I had my money on Edie.

    By the way, When Kathrine called her daughter to tell her to stay on field trip she said, “Tell Julie I’ll keep an eye on her mom.” Therefor letting us know Julie was also on the field trip. So no need to worry about the little Ms. Desperate Housewives.

    Only on negative not here, I do wish someone got killed by house falling on her head! Would have been oh so appropriate for most of the women on Hysteria Lane.

  2. Woah was looking for reactions on this episode and found this place. Im from the UK so I had to watch it online but bothered really!

    I though this was probably the defining point to the entire Desperate Housewives franchise!

    I havent personally seen many TV shows that deal with tornados so it was refreshing it wasnt just a “heavy battering of rain”.

    Victors death, almost anti-climatic. I wanted Carlos to kill him so badly! And Syliva’s death was the only negative in the episode I would say – seemed like a joke in such a serious episode.

    To Bree and Katherine. There too similiar not to be friends. Katherine was also excellent in this episode. It was nice to see a more human side to her, vulnerable. Character development was awesome.

    Edie and Gabby? Played out well, felt real and not fake! Important.

    Lynette and the surprise ending. EXCELLENT TV! Usually if you were to see something like that the reaction is shock and horror – Lynette’s performance was convincing – if I didnt know better I would have believed it was her REAL family under there. My guess, Tom and Kayla die along with Penny (?) and Ida Greenburg as well. Lynette and the boys are left. Although, I can’t help think they all die when Mary Alice said: “One of them will lose a husband … but they will all lose a friend forever”. Sounds to me like Lynette will be destroyed. Hope not though!

  3. so was this the season finale? or is there more

  4. This was not the season finale.. There was one more episode aired which was the conclusion to the tornado story.. Tough the new episode might be the season finale since the strike is not over yet and no new episodes are produced…. =(

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