Spoiler: “A Shot At Love” Season 2?



We all knew that MTV sent out a casting notice for “A Shot At Love 2” but they never specified if the bisexual bachelorette featured in Season 2 would be Tila Tequila.

Well now this invitation is making the rounds. And it could be spoiler worthy.

So does this mean that Tila doesn’t find love after all this season? I mean I think she would make a good couple with either Dani or Bobby. But if this invitation is to be believed, it would mean that she doesn’t find true love at the end of the season.

Another thing, why would this club put what is essentially a huge “A Shot At Love” spoiler about the winner (or non winner in this case) on it’s invitation?

Either way we will ALL be there for season 2 with or without Tila. The shows premise lends itself to at least 3 more seasons of entertainment before we get bored.


UPDATE: (2/14/07) I appreciate everyone that comes to read my site. You guys are the best! But snotty remarks about this post is kind of silly. Giving me “New” information in a snarky way (as if I am not up to date) is funny because the original date of this post was November 30th 2007.

It has been nearly 3 months since I posted the above info.

I haven’t posted about the show in a while because I haven’t heard anything about the new season that hasn’t been online already.

If I do happen to stumble upon more information, I will let you all know.

Thanks for your support of www.YouAreNotTheFather.net. Again, you guys are the best!




  1. […] Courtney77 wrote a noted post today on “Bruno.” Here’s a quick excerpt: We all knew that MTV sent out a casting notice for “A Shot At Love 2″ but they never specified if the bisexual bachelorette featured in Season 2 would be Tila Tequila. Well now this invitation is making the rounds. And it could be spoiler worthy. […]

  2. the new shot at love show is going to be with dimenico (sp?) it’s advertised all over his myspace website.

  3. The Domenico show is a spin off called “That’s Amore”. This is for “A Shot At Love 2”.

  4. The second season of ‘A Shot at Love’ will feature a completely new bachelorette (or bachelor). The 2nd series was created due to the success of ‘A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila’.

    Domenico will have his own show called ‘That’s Amore’ and will follow a similar style as ‘The Bachelor’ since he is straight.

  5. OMG i cant believe you posted that mess of a video my eyes are burning wow …thats all i can say

  6. Tila was recently on Tyra Banks and she mentioned that she was still dating the person that she ended up with, she didnt say who it was just that they where still dating!

  7. So why is Tila sending out misinformation? If she went on Tyra to say she was still with whoever she picked, then why does this flyer for her club appearance read otherwise?

  8. verwolf130678

  9. um, what are all the cast members, myspaces?

  10. Guys…isn’t she a producer for the show? Therefor even if she isn’t the bachelorette it would still be her show

  11. okay they said that the show did so much good things for MTV that they had three spin offs
    1. the A SHOT AT LOVE WITH TILA TEQUILA: A HANGOVER [that show where they interview the eliminated contestant]
    2. a season 2 of A SHOT AT LOVE…with DIFFERENT bachelorette [which is yet to be announced]
    3. Domenico Nesci will be getting his own show because he is so gosh-darn popular.


  12. she is so nasty.
    i love how she says that she has worked so very hard to be where she is at…
    Hahahahaha! I never knew spreading your legs and letting people take pictures of you was such “hard work.” She is a dirty cunt. Sorry the girl just makes me want to puke in my mouth, swallow it, and then puke it out again. She is GROSS!

  13. comm’on tila tequila is gonna pick dani i was so shocked when amanda went out i wanted Brandi to win but if she didnt i wanted amanda and now I dont want anybody to win but seriously please tell me the truth who wins everybody is stupid they havent watched and they say pff yea DANI wins but she doesnt

  14. Regardless of who Tila says she’s in love with she’s just doing this to better her career as a singer….

  15. its a new bachlorette, its not tila. there are some rumors saying its dani

  16. I think the new shot at love is going to be with Vanessa. Because on her myspace her orientation is “Bi” and in the casting ad it says “our Bi-sexual bachelorette. Just a coincidence

  17. I dont think it will be a guy.. bc if you go to casting on the website.. the girls space is all about gay girls.. not straight girls vs. gay boys. just a thought.

  18. Hey Tila love the video!! I hope you have a great 2008!!=]
    good luck with a shot at love 2

  19. Just in case everybody doesnt know bobby was the winner and on new years on tila’s new years eve masquerade she says that she is going to be on the shot at love 2 and that she feels bad that she is all alone and if she’s alone and if what she said is true she probably broke up with bobby!!!! i cant belive it i liked bobby he was hottt tooo so was steven but he was an asshole and got with rebecca so i dont like him anymore

  20. Do you people not listen when anyone speaks? Tila said on New Years Eve that MTV is giving her a second chance to find love. So obviously the new Shot at Love is going to be with her.

  21. Why would they make a ”season 2” if Tila isn’t even there?

    And I don’t get why people would sign up for it when they don’t even know who it is…
    -well to find love yeah, but what if they don’t like the new person? It’s like a blind date.

    I hope there isn’t a second season. A shot at love with Tila was awesome. I don’t know if I will be ”as” interested in it as I was with the original.

  22. I found out that the tila’s main makeup artisti already committed to season 2 based on a makeup artist forum. so, tila’s going for round 2

  23. i fuckin love that little hott bitch [:

  24. Its her show, because Bobby dumped her before newyears.

  25. Ummm its gonna be with tila maybe if you read her blogs you would know

  26. I love this program i think its funney.. with all the drama… i ddnt like the way vanessa was to brandi.. it was pretty unfortunate that brandi left cos i thought she wouldv gotten pretty darn far.. bt she did a good job by coming back n apologising to tila. GOOD ON HER (Y)
    bt yeh im looking forward to more drama on season 2… can there be like a season 3 5 or soemthing cos maybe by then i might be 18… 😛 not saying i want a shot at love bt it seems pretty awesommme to be there. n meating tila would be soo lekker!
    Or maybe you should do a season here in holland?

  27. if you see tila’s video blogs, she says she cant wait to have another shot at love and hopes all will work out this time around.

  28. A Shot of Love Season Two DOES feature Tila Tequila. How do I know this? One of my best friends is in LA on her show. And rumor around town is that he came home for a day to his family, and flew back right away, he has not been back since. Does that mean he’s made it to the final four? I don’t know, and I”m not willing to go as far to say that is true. I DO know he is on the show, and I DO know it is with Tila Tequila.

  29. Yea, the show is casting right now as like everyone knows.
    But! They were back casting for ASAL2 when the first one was showing in November! Must mean Bobby was a jerk, I heard that he didn’t want to have to wait around for the first season to end to get to see Tila because they couldn’t see each other before for the risk of who wins the show to get out. The OTHER rumor is that her career got in the way. And the last rumor is that he cheated…
    How REAL is this “reality” show??

  30. Tila is just gross. I agree with someone up there that said the same thing. I mean, she kisses everybody like is nothing! She wanted so bad to hear Lisa said she loved her last night. She wants everybody to fall in love with her while she’s only able, of course, to fall in love with only one person. The rest will all be hurt and she doesnt care whatsoever! She says she doesnt wanna get hurt but, what about the other person? What about the others she sends home with a broken heart?? Some might say it’s the whole point of the show, but I dont see no point of wanting the whole cast to fall in love with you when you know damn well you cant be with all at the same time….but then again, who knows??…There’s Tila Tequila for you…
    My point is you’re gonna send them all home, why break their heart in the process? She knows who she likes from the door and NO matter what that person does, they’re always gonna have a key. All who watched last night (Tue. June 3rd 2008) knows what I mean. The 2 that got sent home did best in last competition.

  31. I dont know how that smiley face got there but I meant to say 2008! Oh and also she’s never gonna be famous for singing…she’s already famous for whoring. She’s definitely on the wrong path. She uses the show to better her carrer just like she used Bobby Banhart. She never called him after the show, the reunion show and she never interacted with any of the contestants while camaras were off…there’s so much about her and everything is disgusting! I dont know why some people say she’s hot. She looks like a dog to me. She looks like a poodle, look at her real good, you’ll see…specially sideways…

  32. A good career and acting like that in front and behind cameras dont go together.

  33. if you guys don’t have anything to say! Shut ya’ll pie-hole~.Leave the poor girl alone, she’s already hurt by 2 ppl, so why would you waste your time typing all this 2 paragraph, so ppl can think you’re cool, NOO~That’s cruel, immature, and doesnt have a life.

    Get a life ppl…Tila girl do whatever you gotta do, don’t listen to whats the haters are saying…Goodluck in the Future, and God Bless..


  34. Wow i am really shocked by all the shitty comments that some of you people left for Tila…First off, When Tila posted “shot at love”, obviously the cast members trying to win her heart were told “she’s looking for love, one of you will be it. The rest will go home.” If they didn’t like that they could get themselves out before anything even started. And Tila has her own connections and feelings with each different person. That is why she may have wanted to hear Lisa tell her she loved her. And personally, i think she’s the hottest little asian i have ever fuckn seen! I think your the only person who thinks she doesn’t look attractive. Your either a faggot, or need some help cuz she could turn ANY straight person gay! I also LOVE her music and she’s a great actor and a beautiful model! I just don’t see where you think she’s going wrong at? She didn’t start the “shot at love” show just so she could get recognized, she did it cuz SHE WANTS LOVE! Get a fucking clue! I mean, she’s got all this money from acting and singing and modeling, but no one to share it with…Obviously walking around on the street wasn’t giving her her prince charming, so she wanted to start looking for it! Is that so wrong? Jeeze you ppl are all so into yourselves it makes me sick.
    Anyway, I love you Tila and im so sorry about your heartbreaks. Someone up there said your dating someone now, so i hope he/she is making you happy cuz you really do deserve it 🙂
    Nikki Angel <333

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