Ashanti’s Near Wardrobe Malfunction!


In an age where camera/photo technology is so advanced, why do female celebrities insist on not wearing underwear to events?

The latest victim of the exposed private parts trend is Ashanti.

While the shot captured Thursday night of Ashanti is not of the epic Britney Spears fiasco of early 2007, it is a close one indeed.

With a delayed album and a failed first single, Ashanti seems to not be having the best of luck lately. So why would she perform with no undies?


I understand that her career isn’t as hot as it once was, but I hope this “Wardrobe Malfunction” wasn’t done on purpose. She is so lucky that the camera man wasn’t a real perv and really tried to get a better shot.

When will these celebrities learn? Wear underwear. Close your legs when you exit a vehicle. And definitely don’t perform with your goodies on near display.




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  2. She’s wearing hose, plainly. Looks to me as if she’s wearing spangled panty hose. You have an overactive gotcha imagination.

  3. The blog author clearly wrote “on near display” he never said they were actually showing. If u look at the pic it does seem as if her stuff can be almost visible (overactive imagination or not).

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