“The Real World: Sydney” Parisa vs Trisha!

Did anyone else catch the fight on “The Real World: Sydney” last night?

I normally never watch this show. I think I stopped watching “The Real World” alltogether after the Las Vegas season. I do watch the “Challenge” specials because they are a lot of fun. But as far as the main show is concerned, I stopped watching as soon as I became ineligible (due to my age) to be apart of the cast.

So last night I was up around 11:30 and I saw a part of last night’s episode, and I actually watched the whole thing.

Was anyone else offended by what happened? Because I sure as hell was.

Sure Trisha may have lightly pushed Parisa causing her to fall, and some may not consider that to be actual violence, but she still pushed her. No one has no business putting their hands on someone else. And if it is stipulated in their contracts that physical aggression is prohibited, then Trisha clearly overstepped the line.

Trisha’s apology was phony as hell too because 5 minutes earlier, Trisha (thinking she was cute) told her dad “I just pushed a fat girl”. Come on you spoiled brat. For starters, in what alternate universe is a girl like Parisa fat?

Anyhow, I hear a lot of hate for Parisa from fans of the show, but I am sorry, she was right to throw Trisha out. And Trisha offended the hell out of me when she mentioned her family had a “Better Religion”. Bitch… I’m sure Jesus didn’t tell you that it is OK to push people or make fun of them. Get a grip. Based on that line alone I would have booted her. It was insensitive, and I’m sure it had a lot to do with the fact that Parisa’s family is of Middle Eastern decent. Way to further the stereotype that American’s are just a bunch of ignorant and intolerant people Trisha. Way to go!

I couldn’t help think of the Shilpa Shetty/Celebrity Big Brother fiasco that happened earlier this year.

Then Kelli Ann goes and starts spitting on the glass door of the room that Parisa is in because she was mad her for sending Trisha home. Nice!

What universe do these girls live in? Have they never caught a beat down in their life? If it were me in the house, I would have gotten a straw, made spit balls, and spit them at her face until I got tired or she started to cry. Yup folks, I can be immature too.  

You see, I could never be on “The Real World” because I’d be an awful room mate. I am way too neat. I hate sloppy spoiled people. I don’t have time to teach tolerance to the token down south guy. I would be bored with the antics of the chick with the implants who uses sarcasm to hide her bulimia. I don’t share a lot about my life to strangers. And if you hit me, I’d beat your ass. Period. Why?

Because MTV re-runs the shit out of a fight. Remember how many times they showed Stephen slapping Irene? If you hit me, staying in The Real World house is the last thing I would be concerned with. Part of me wants to see Parisa kick their asses, but I know it’s not happening.

I bet this kind of behavior wouldn’t be happening if the kids from “College Hill” were here….



  1. Trisha is a terrible terrible person or so-called “Christian”. Not enough to be homophobic, she’s also racist. I could not believe the other two girls’ behaviors after Trisha left – immature, childish, and utterly disgusting. Bravo to Isaac for setting them straight!

    These three women make me ashamed to be a woman – GROW UP pleeeease!!!

  2. muslims around the world demonstrate racism EVERY DAY…and they kill THOUSANDS of people each year…so when a christian girl says something out of anger (but then apologizes for it) everyone is outraged about THAT? BUt where is this outrage at Muslims??? Or should I assume that all the people that think Trisha is terrible have no problem with the fact that Muslims are killinginnocent people every day?

  3. WTF does religion about muslims have to do with Trisha being a stupid ass bitch. I am Christian and know plenty of wonderful CHristians AND Muslims… DO NOT judge ppl by their religious faith. There are plenty of good AND bad in both. Its about who is REAL and Trisha clearly is a fake ass who told her dad she was not sorry for ANY of it. and then apologized … as a LIE to parisas face.. Im glad her fake ass went home. Now theres two dumbasses left in the house.

  4. Exactly, it’s not a debate about religion here, it’s the fact that Trisha threw that comment in Parisa’s face so randomly. Parisa is not a terrorist or a suicide bomber. She was her roommate. She shouldn’t have used that as an insult.

    To say she has a “Better Religion” is just stupidity. No one’s religion is better than the next. I don’t care what anyone says. It may not be what YOU believe it, but that doesn’t make it inferior.

    Everyone’s faith is their faith.

    And Trisha is an immature, spoiled, walking contradiction.

  5. I despise Trisha. I have hated her from the beginning. Parisa is annoying at times but Trisha reminds me of many of the kids I went to church with… HUGE hypocrites. To keep throwing her “Christianity” in Parisa’s face was hysterical. When her dad was saying to apologize and be the better person and she kept saying “but that would be lying…you want me to lie?” She obviously only paid attention in church on day one. I am so glad she went home. Good for Parisa standing up for herself. If Trisha didn’t want to go home she should have stuck to the rules of the house. And then for the house to back her up!!! I couldn’t handle it…they were making me crazy!!! If they were Parisa and got shoved by someone else in the house they would do the same thing.

    Isaac definitely knows what’s up…No One Likes Trisha!!!!!!!

  6. Parisa was exactly right… Trisha was obviously used to manipulating to get whatever she wanted. She was a snake from day one. Parisa isn’t perfect, but she’s real and not some shallow barbie doll who makes a show of religion and then smirks about pushing the “fat girl”. Oh, and yeah right, Parisa is fat? Please, Parisa is drop dead gorgeous and Trisha is a generic shallow blonde nasty bimbette. I almost shouted at the screen, “don’t use the word ‘altercation’ Parisa, Trisha won’t understand what you mean!” Isaac won my applause when he laid it out. And UGH, the spitting, I hated those two little creeps even more than Trisha!

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