“America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 9 Top 3?


Is this the “America’s Next Top Model” Winner for Cycle 9?

One thing we all love is a good spoiler. Surviving a TV Season Spoiler Free is something that is nearly impossible to do. So of course as this season of Top Model started, I was casually web browsing and came across a spoiler that Jenah and Saleisha were going to be the final two with Heather leaving at 5th place.

Of course you never believe what you read initially, because people make stuff up. It’s like the new rumors that Bobby is the winner of “A Shot At Love with Tila Tequila” but he returns Tila’s key in the end. Sometimes you read stuff and just don’t pay attention to them. But last night on Top Model, Heather did in fact go in 5th place. So I am wondering, is it true that Saleisha and Jenah are the top 2 with Saleisha winning?

At this point, I believe it. Jenah continues to take good pictures. And Saleisha has the overall good attitude (“Dora The Explorer” hair and all). Bianca is this season’s Dark Horse. She is this season’s Bree from Cycle 5. A girl you don’t expect to make it far but somehow does. My gut feeling is that she may place third, but she will probably go in 4th.

Which leaves me with Chantal. She doesn’t have what it takes to make it does she? She is very pretty. Tall. Cute personality. But something is missing. She doesn’t seem to have the overall package, but I’m sure she will be great in print and catalogue work.

But I can’t count her out just yet. I know that of the 4 remaining, both Chantal and Saleisha have demonstrated the ability to perform well during any tests to endorse a product. And that is what matters towards the end.

So what do you guys think? Who the hell will be the final 3 this season? Who do you think is the next to go? And do you think Saleisha’s “My Life As A Covergirl” commercials will be better than Jaslene’s if she is in fact the winner?



  1. i am just pissed heather got the boot… i fucking hate jenah. she looks like the chick from the shining and is one of the ugliest chicks to ever be on that show… i guess i’m team saleshia now, even tho i dont think she’s that hot…

  2. Saleshia WIll Win!!!!

    She seems 2 want this so bad…

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