“The Dark Knight” Teaser We’ve Been Waiting For: “The Joker” Unveiled!


I think he looks great. I like how he looks like a lunatic. It will be a refreshing change of pace to see a more realistic and sadistic looking “Joker”.  I still am an bit unsure about Heath Ledger in the role, but he most certainly looks the part.

It also doesn’t hurt that I have complete faith in Christopher Nolan after “Batman Begins”.

My only criticism about that movie was how it was a lot of set up over action, but I forgave it since it was basically a reboot of the “Batman” Franchise. So all of the set up was needed.

Hopefully part 2 will bring on the action! But after seeing this pic, I believe it will.




  1. That picture looks fantastic!! I loved Batman Begins and thought it was the savior of the franchise. The new Dark Knight film could not only revitalize the Batman series but put an end to all the crap comic book movies that hollywood has been cranking out the last year and a half.

  2. It was probably one of the best comic book movie adaptations that I have seen. It wasn’t hokey, and it wasn’t anywhere near as cheeseball as the previous “Batman” films.

    If only “Superman Returns” was as good….

  3. ledger will rock… i was not a fan of his until the last couple of years when i think he really came into his own as an actor and has exhibited a substantial amount of talent. plus we got bale who kicks ass as batman. if anything, chris nolan is a fantastic director who has yet to disappoint me with a single film he’s ever directed… SO… i am very excited.

  4. Great!

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