“Worst Christmas Songs Ever”: Redux


This is for my buddy Pab.

How can I forget the truly awful Christmas Album by Jessica Simpson? Words cannot even describe my dislike for her music. She is a pretty girl who caught a lucky break with her reality show. But her singing is pretty awful.

Back when she first came out, she was a good singer. But then something happened to her voice along the way. I think it was around the time “With You” came out. All of a sudden she started singing in a really fucking odd Baby Voice. And then she all of a sudden tried to emulate Britney’s style of singing. Which is a shame in itself because Britney is well known for not being the best singer in the world. So why copy her?

As for this atrocious christmas song. Seriously? Was there a need to attempt to OD vocally on a remake of “Let it Snow”? People forget that when you cover a Christmas song, you should just sing the song as is. There is no need to add a whole bunch of unnecessary elements to the song.

And I know the album title is purposely spelled “ReJoyce” in honor of a relative, but it still looks stupid. If I didn’t read about the meaning of the title online I would have chalked it up to the ditzy persona that she has cultivated for herself over the years.



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  1. and why was the video filmed at sears?

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