“Old School” Rock Track of the Day!: Adema “Giving In”


Hey, as I mentioned before I am a huge fan of the Rock Music genre. Especially when it comes to singing. I prefer to let out my aggressions by singing Rock Music. Everyone else can have their drums or aspire to be a Guitar Hero, but put me front and center of the band.

Adema’s “Giving In” is another song I enjoy to sing. It’s moody, dark, has some pretty heavy lyrics, and it also builds well from the start of the song to the end. It’s a great song.

And hey you know I have to show solidarity to my Latino peeps, the lead singer of Adema was a talented guy named Marky Chavez.

I know that the band had some problems and Marky left the band, but at least they had a successful single. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have at least one hit then never have one at all.

Download: Adema “Giving In” 

Bonus Rock Track: Chester Bennington “System”