Hayden Panettiere Tries To Make “Sexy” Happen In “GQ”…

Hayden Panettiere has always been a cute girl. But I personally don’t find her sexy.

Why? Am I crazy? No. Because to me she still looks like she is 14.

Many guys fantasize about the young woman behind the indestructable Claire Bennett on “Heroes”.  And believe me, I have read some pretty sick things online written by dudes who question her character’s “regenerative abilities” a little too much.

But for me, Hayden is just a cute girl. She’s like your little cousin or something. I can’t help feeling a little protective over her. But maybe it’s because I’m not used to seeing her in photoshoots like this. 

I hope the above photo doesn’t lead Hayden down that slippery slope that Britney and Lohan have pioneered. If that were to happen it would be a shame since Hayden is actually a good actress. 

Just remember how Britney started Hayden…..